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Within our first week in town we found a house to rent. It seemed like a dream home for us. Lately, it’s been hellish. First, we had to buy a new fidge, washer and dryer. Then the landlords had to replace the ancient dishwasher and get rid of the rusted hoses for the washer. Mind you, the landlord goes, “Oh, shoulda fixed this before you all moved in…” DUH! Out of all of these things, we can currently only use the dryer. A pipe busted in the garage behind the washer (another aha moment for the landlord since they noticed a plastered hole under the pipes by the washer before we moved in….ugh!). The dishwasher is not useable right now because the landlord’s brother did not install it properly…it won’t drain and it is sitting in the hole crooked.

Unaccompanied baggage came and is unpacked except for the two boxes the hubby has sitting around. I am very anxious to get our real stuff.

The hubby is now in his new unit and is well liked by the company commander. He is in a leadership position even though he has no soldiers below him right now. Soon he will have five. He gave me some news yesterday that started me crying. Stupid hormones! I really knew it was not going to be unavoidable during his carreer, so I just need to suck it up and deal with it. At least I have several old pals that live fairly close that can be there for me. This unit stood up not too long ago and has the goal of having the hubby leave here being at least an E7. Apparently they are good at fixing past mistakes (ie the boo boo our old commander pulled on the hubby and another soldier on not letting them get promoted) and want to get the hubby to E6 right away. Points are still down and they want to send him to a board anyway, for the fun of it. I have been told units of his type tend to have great FRGs and I hope to God it is. I am really going to need it for my sanity within a year or so. I am also hoping to start working again after the lil’ one still growing within turns a year.


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