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Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Bear…

My dear friend at Indecisive Peach,asked me to come up with blog topics for her. After a bit of thinking, I finally had a topic for her. I would also like to share my thoughts on it. Facial hair on men , do you like it, yes/no, why/why not?

Last Monday the hubby and I were snuggled on the couch after getting the boys not shave my legs while he had his mustache. He shrugged that off. Next, I played the trump card, no sex. He said that was messed up and I just shrugged my shoulders at him. Apparently, he told the guys at work about my sex strike and they all said it was low. Sorry guys, the bros before hoes does not work when you are married! I told him that they do not have to kiss him and break out whenever scruff hits their face. By Wednesday, his fuzzy caterpillar under his nose was gone. I rewarded him with tons of kisses because I could do it and not feel like I was kissing a sheet of sandpaper.
I am not totally against facial hair on men though. Some men rock the look or look like they are a baby if they do not sprout some fuzz upon their faces. Others look terrible with it…like my hubby. My father looked great with facial hair. However, my poor mother would be left with a red chin or a broken out upper lip from the roughness of the hair. I happen to take after my mother. The tiniest bit of scruff can leave me looking like a teenager in high school.

Fellas, if your lady cannot handle your fuzzies due to sensitive skin, please be kind to her and shave it off, please. Respect your woman. 🙂


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