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Again, I have neglected my blog. However, we are settled in aside from the shed. That means I got to use Black Beauty, my Kitchenade mixer, on a regular basis.


Yes, I flipped through cook books and print outs of my holiday selection for this year. In two days I baked upwards of 10 dozen cookies. There is substantially more now and add in two batches of home made marshmallows. Here is just a couple:

20121130-064603.jpg Poppy Seed wreaths

20121130-064635.jpg Cranberry chocolate cookies.

The wreaths do not look great but they are tasty. Forgive me, I bake and I am trying to hone my decorating skills.

I have also made peppermint white chocolate chip cookies and pecan tarts. Yes, there are photos of them, but they are on my phone and not my iPad. Recipes might be shared at some point. I tried to do a step by step photo blog for the poppy seed cookies, but I got carried away with my flow of baking.

I still have a few more varieties to whip up, like my pizzelles, YUM! There is also the matter of three Christmas parties to attend in a week’s time and I will be making a chocolate turtle cake for the first one (plus mini ones for our awesome land lords).

I failed to mention, my oven here is electric. I LOVE it! 🙂

God bless!


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Military wives often dislike having to find a new hair stylist, myself included. We all wish to pack our favorite stylist up with us.Many of you know we moved here just over two weeks ago. It had been since May that I had any professional touch my hair. Yes, I tend to only get my hair done twice a year…bad, I know. A trim was in desperate need, so I took to Yelp to find a good place out here. I found great reviews for InSpiro. There was one negative review and their team was right on it, acknowledging the issue and stating what they did to fix it. I liked that, especially as a business major. I called them up and was able to get a next day appointment. They have varying levels of stylists with prices to match. Today, I had a Junior stylist, the second of four levels.

It was a great experience. She looked at my hair to see what I really needed and she did just what I wanted, a trim with a thinning (I have rather thick hair. When it is humid, I look like a lion). Plus the scalp massage during my hair wash was really nice. If a salon doesn’t do it, I will not return. InSpiro does not take gratuities, they’d much rather you return, refer friends, or buy Avalon products.

They also have CRM (customer relations management). Yes, that is another love of mine. This means I will get texts or emails with Happy Birthdays, deals, and specials from time to time. CRM is what I plan to do with my bakery to stay familiar with my returning and new customers.

Another thing that was neat was their schedules. Each day they have a new print off with the scheduled times, name of the client and service needed, and if the client is new. This way, they know what to say to their clients. Us newbies are given the no gratuities information.

Just about everyone staffed there offered me a beverage or cookies. Very nice touch and I would have obliged if I hadn’t been stuffed full at Kozy Kitchen just before my appointment.

What does the finished product look like? Well, here ya go.


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New home

Greetings to my loyal readers. Sorry it has been awhile again, but we have bounced across Texas and through five hotel rooms (long and boring tale there so I will spare you all). We are finally in a house out in the country. It is roughly 300 square feet larger than our previous home with a yard that is more than an acre. Needless-to-say, the boys love having all the extra space as do our kitties (who are storming about the living room with the joy of knowing the boys are in bed).

The kitchen is massive and I LOVE it!!! I have an island in which to display and use Black Beauty (pics when I get her back). You can count on several baking/cooking posts once we get our house hold goods.

Why did we move in before our household goods would get to the house? Well, try cramming two kids under the age of five, two adults, and two cats in a hotel room the size of most people’s living rooms for nearly a month and you will see why we are doing alright with the bare necessities. Sure we have no TV but who cares! We are all learning to have fun without it. It is only 10 days (8 by the time we wake up tomorrow). Personally, I love country living.

For the past two days our other neighbors’ roosters and hens come peck around our yard and we all get a kick out of it. The only neighbors we have met so far are our landlords. They are awesome! They’ve provided the boys with air mattresses (Aero Bed ones, man they are nice…built in pumps), folding table and chairs (adult and kid sizes), and the land lady came by with baklava and a table cloth. That kind of hospitality and kindness is why I miss country life.

You see, growing up, I lived in the “boonies” of good ol’ PA. For 12 years all I knew was the country way of life. Yes, I was (still am in some ways) a tomboy. I loved to catch critters, play in the creek and woods, breathe in fresh air, and gaze at the stars in the sky minus light pollution. Every country kid knows manners and respect. Each person in the family had a duty and it needed to get done or the system would break. Teamwork. See something that needs done? Do it, simple as that.

This part of TX and the people, in it remind me of my childhood home. There’s even buckwheat out here like back home. The fields around our house alternate with cotton and buckwheat. Wildlife all over the place! I see God’s works more out here than in a cramped city where it is hard to find the beauty of it all.

Our landlord had us signing the lease and invited my husband to hunt in the same breath. My Dad wanted to take him hunting before but he passed before they could ever meet. I long for the taste of venison and someday my husband will bring home a buck just like Daddy used to. The deal is that he gets a rifle or shotgun) and I will get a chest freezer, both as early Christmas/Anniversary gifts to each other.

Others out here are warm and welcoming too. This past Tuesday, I had the great privilege to go to a HALO (Holy Angels Ladies Organization) meeting. Yes, I did catch that i was attending HALO on the release date of HALO 4 (thank you Marcia (; ).We made center pieces for the up-coming parish Christmas party. I am by far the youngest member (by 20 years or more), but I don’t mind. I’ve always been “old” for my age, preferring the wiser age groups to my own for as long as I can remember. They meet once a month, as opposed to the weekly MCCW meetings I grew used to. There are many retired Army/Air Force wives there. It made me glad I wore my “Proud Military Roamin’ Catholic” shirt!

My husband will go out and meet his fellow local Knights of Columbus this week. We even hit up the parish welcome fellowship after Mass today and met even more people (we got hit up to donate blood and I signed up, hubby cannot donate anymore due to too much time overseas).The boys just liked it for the cookies. Though, our oldest did try to make a friend, he is just so soft spoken…very much like me as a child, shy and quiet (not so much now though).

Only one real disaster happened during this process and that was Hunter stepping on the Enter key right before I went to review my quiz answers (it was on the hotel bed, no desk).Yes he submitted my test. Yes, I emailed my professor. No, he did not believe me and is adding it to “his list” because he has never heard that one before. What a way to start my first week of class. Oh well, now I have a desk and Hunter better not be jumping on it like he did the hotel bed!

Sorry for the huge post, but wanted to keep you all posted on more than everything balancing out after the miscarriage.

God Bless!

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I know this is a topic many will just turn their head away, but I am still putting it out there. My cycle returned 28 days after we saw no heartbeat. I was expecting it to show up later based off of everything else I had read and because of ovulating when the miscarriage bleeding stopped. I based my cycle start date for 14 days after my first day of ovulating and it came two days earlier. That was all I had to go off of to “predict”. When I had my D&C with our first miscarriage, 28 days after the procedure, my period came.

It started off really light at first and three days in, it returned to how my period usually is. Cramps came and went and when they came they were decently annoying but I did not need to take anything for them (please do not read anything in to that, I have a rather high tolerance for pain).

I know that not every woman has the same 28 day cycle or that it takes a while after a miscarriage for many to get back to how it was. I just wanted to put this out there so that women know that not everyone has to wait several weeks for their first cycle to return.

When are we going to try for child #3? That is still really up in the air. I have three classes until I graduate in June. It’d also be nice to actually be in our new home and settle in. I also need my follow up and I want to see about my vitamin D levels. A good friend cued me in that a vitamin D deficiency can cause recurring miscarriages. In all honesty, it is in God’s hands, just as it always was.

God Bless

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