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Yesterday marked 9 years of wedded bliss to my husband. Yes, we married young, I was a few days shy of not being a teenager any more. We didn’t have a large fancy wedding, not that we didn’t attempt to make that happen, but things weren’t falling in place to make it happen. Instead, we eloped in Las Vegas. Since my father had passed away that year, this was the less emotional route to take and my husband walked me down the isle. It happened to be the same week Brittany Spears had her 30 hour-ish marriage and we were so glad that we would go beyond a couple of days of marriage.

Sure we have had our ups and downs, but the fact of the matter is at we didn’t give up on each other. We work through whatever gets thrown at us and come out that much stronger. There have been people in our lives who doubted that a quickie service in Vegas would last. Well, it has and will continue to do so.

It is common in our society to toss out what is “broken” instead of fixing the problem. That isn’t what marriage is. Those vows mean a great deal no matter where they are uttered. Find the root of the problem and fight like hell to fix it!

Almost 5 years ago, I converted to the Catholic faith. We had a Catholic service before I was fully a member of the Church. Shamefully, I do not remember the exact date of it. However, it was like renewing our vows to each other and it was beautiful. I am forever glad for making that choice to convert.

How did we celebrate yesterday? We managed to get a last minute babysitter and went to see Les Miserables and have dinner at a local steakhouse. Les Mis was breathtaking! There were several times that I held back tears but about 45 minutes towards the end of the film, I lost it and continued to do so through the rest of the movie. The audible sniffles through the rest of the theater cued me in that I was not the only one sobbing. It really hit hard when *spoiler if you have not seen it* the father was not at the wedding and then the bride and groom find him tucked away in a convent, ready to die. They watch him pass away and I swear I couldn’t see the last five minutes because my eyes were flooded with tears. I kept thinking of my Dad.

After drying my eyes and trying to fix up my smudged eye makeup, we drove over to a steakhouse that we went to the last time we lived in this town. It being practically empty should have been a huge clue to turn around. We stayed anyway. Not but two minutes after we were seated an older couple was seated across from us. I found it fitting. What we have might still be considered young love, but that couple across from us gives me inspiration. I want our marriage to be like that in 50 years…where we can still go on a date and share a sandwich and still have that spark of love in our eyes. The food there was blah, but it was still a great time. We really hope to be like that couple we saw and will do everything to make that happen.

God bless!


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Merry Christmas Eve everyone! The holidays are all about love and food over here. Growing up we always had homemade cranberry salad and my Great-Gramma’s crescent rolls. That’s right, no cranberry from a can and Pillsbury rolls are banned on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

This year I almost forgot the cranberry salad and I lost the recipe. The Internet came to my rescue and I found a very similar one and adapted it to what I remembered. Then it wasn’t setting, I added more Jello and it was saved.


The rolls almost didn’t happen either because I killed the yeast on my first attempt. I was determined to have them at Christmas since we didn’t do Thanksgiving (move and our oldest had a minor stomach bug). They have come out perfectly golden! 🙂


I think I have redeemed myself despite my hiccups in the kitchen this holiday season.

Sorry, no recipe sharing here. These ones are family earned. 😉

God Bless and Merry Christmas!

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Tortilla time!

Good morning! Mondays I like to prep what I can for the meals for the week. Yes, I am a meal planner. Living out in the country means I do not want to drive into town every day. We plan for at least a week around here.

When I find a recipe online I like, I print it off and stick it in a sheet protector, then into either my cooking or baking binder. If a recipe from a binder is used, I pull it out and add it to my magnet clip on my fridge. Should a recipe occur frequently in this house, it gets a sticky tab to make finding it easier.

I tried a new tortilla recipe from here. I played with the tools on AllRecipes and made the recipe yield 20 tortillas.

I had mixed the dough and mildly dreaded rolling out 20 balls of dough until I remembered that I have a kitchen scale! Hubby and I visited the kitchen store in the mall this past weekend and found one for $20. Evenly sized tortillas and rolls here we come!
Here is the scale and 2oz dough balls.


My assembly line. It flowed nicely. Note that I did not need to flour the tortillas. They did not stick anywhere. I also used whole wheat flour.


This kiddo hates bread anything unless it is pumpkin bread. He gobbled it right up.

God bless

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This week has been a rough one, both in the home front (sneezes all over, nasty wind, and a now quasi-fixed situation with our choir) and in world news…I do not need to explain those at all.

When the first negative world news event occurred, I made sugar cookies from TheKitchn. These are the best sugar cookies ever! The cream cheese makes them tender and the butter to everything else ratio makes them melt in your mouth! Take heed and half the batch unless you have a very large mixing bowl for your mixer. I had to mix the last bit by hand. It was a great way to spend time with my boys. They loved cutting out the shapes…and stealing gobs of dough.

Time for some photos of the process:






As for the perfect frosting, I found it here

You do need to play with the corn syrup and milk to get it just right. Let the frosting drip off a bit before plunking the cookies on waxed paper. Also, the frosting must set over night, good luck keeping the kiddos away from all 9.5 dozen cookies! Oh! I also added mint to the frosting to be even more festive.

God Bless

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Grieving for CT

First, read this. My heart is aching for all the families involved. The first shooting I remember is Columbine, male shooters. Every so often a new shooting would occur, all male shooters again. I have yet to hear of a woman going on a shooting spree like the ones we all know of.

What am I getting at? Many men think women talk too much about their emotions and women accuse men on not talking about their feelings enough. Do these shooters bottle up their emotions until they go berserk and kill many innocent lives? Do women have a better handle on their emotions because they let it all out? I am just trying to understand what drives a person to this. This would be me being open about my female “feelings”.

Right now I am so thankful my children are home with me. My prayers go to all the victims and their families. I also pray that everyone will begin to talk more about their feelings instead of holding them in. Forget gun control for a moment and dig down deep to the core of your being. What is the real problem, guns or people afraid to speak up?

God bless

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Today I made pizzelles, not just any pizzelle, but orange, clove, chocolate pizzelles. The base recipe is easy to mold into whatever flavor paring meets your fancy. Traditionally, they have anise. Waffle cones are what pizzelles remind me of. I even have a tool that can turn my pizzelles into cones.

You can find the history behind the pizzelle here: history of pizzelles

And a recipe here: pizzelle recipe
I did not use hazelnuts.

Let me show you all I used to make these yummy cookies:


Which then turned into a small bowl like this


Detail of the inside of the pizzelle iron


When you let the cookies cook too long, the recipe says one minute, I say 30 seconds unless you like charred cookies.


With over a teaspoon of batter per side of the iron:


And almost perfect:


These cookies are soft for a few seconds after they come off the iron. This allows you to form them or just leave them flat. They harden as they cool.

Waffle ice cream bowl:



Waffle cone I spoke of earlier; however, my tool is hiding (thank you move!) and I formed this very hot cookie with my fingers.


I have seen these delicate cookies dusted with powdered sugar or dunked in chocolate. Do whatever meets your fancy. 🙂 Oh, and for the health conscious calorie counters, these are low calorie and not super sweet.

God bless!

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Latest creations

We were at Sam’s Club a few weeks ago and I saw a cake pop kit. The boys saw it too and said I had to make them. Yep, the kit went in our buggy and the kit sat around for a few weeks. I busted it out two days ago.


These are the cake balls right out of the tin. I put a tad too much batter in each well and had the annoying ridge around the edges. I amended that by rubbing it off gently with my fingers. I did try a knife, but being my clumsy self, my fingers were safer.


Decorating them takes patience and I kinda lacked it that day and kinda did what the directions said to do. Oh, they are a mint cake with chocolate candy coating. The kids do not care that they aren’t perfect, they care that those cake pops are for them.


I also made a rich chocolate cake for the first of three Christmas parties this week. It was going to be a turtle cake (with ganache, home made caramel on top, and sprinkled with freshly candied pecans), but I went for chocolate wine spiked ganache and beat the daylights out of some candy canes for the garnish.

It was well received, only four slices remaining. Not bad since there were three decently sized tables full of desserts. I was commended for it being moist and flavorful. That made my night.

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