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Yes, I have been a mouse over here late.y, but I was avoiding the temptation on letting the whole world know I was pregnant again. With the miscarriage in October, we wanted to be sure that this one was hanging out for good. Yesterday we had our first appointment and baby measured a week ahead. The baby’s arms and legs were wiggling all over the place, like it was doing a horizontal jig. The heart rate was 170, nice and strong! Yes, I know the HR theory, but it has been debunked. We will simply wait to know the sex until we get the anatomy scan.

We pretty much knew we were pregnant right after conception. After doing what married couples most often do in the bedroom, I took an ovulation test because something felt off. Sure enough, I was ovulating…five days early! Yes, I know I should have religiously peed on the OPKs every day, but I am used to having the typical 28 day cycle with ovulation on day 14. Though this baby was not planned for, it is quite welcomed. It feels nice to be blessed again, especially after a loss.

Symptoms? Nausea (SeaBands take the edge off…no, I have not puked), sore breasts (that have already gone up two sizes), hungry when I am not nauseated, tired, moody/emotional (as in, I cry at Good Luck Charlie episodes and ball my eyes out at Doctor Who), and the runs. I know that last one most of you are turning your head at, but it is a little talked about symptom. I thought I was some freak of nature until I dug up info and found out it is quite normal. I’d rather have that than vomiting or being backed up like my fellow pregnant women friends. By now you all know I am open and honest about these sort of things. It is time barriers were broken and stigmas about these sort of topics banished.

Weight? So far, only gained 3 pounds. I want to stay at the low end since I hadn’t lost any from the miscarriage and the move.

Clothing? Yes, maternity pants are pulled out. Though I can get away with wearing my regular pants unbuttoned around the house. I refuse to go in public like that though. My OB and nurse thought it was “cute” that I was already wearing maternity jeans. :p C’mon, pregnancy #5, my body knows how to push out and make room for that ever swelling uterus.

Cravings? None really, I just have to stay loaded full of protein and carbs to keep the nausea away.

Two and a half weeks before I hit the second trimester! My hubby jokes that I am now bigger in the inside…like the Tardis on Doctor Who. I love it! Thank you God for this blessing!

God Bless!


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