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Holy Thursday

At first I dreaded taking our 3 and 5 year old boys to Mass. We came armed with a religious busy bag and a Children’s Mass Kit to occupy them during the hour and a half Mass. They did really well during Mass. Our youngest was thrilled to see a real thurible. He loves playing with the plush version of it from the kit. Fast forward to the end.

The priest takes the Blessed Sacrament around the chapel and I tell the boys Jesus is in there and that He is going to be taken to the Blessed Sacrament chapel. Our 3 year old was first to say he wanted to go to Adoration in the chapel. I was moved. Then our oldest said that he also wanted to go in and see Jesus. We all went in and both kids knelt down with upmost respect. First, an elderly lady came up to me and said how much it meant to see a family in the Blessed Sacrament chapel together. At that point, I had a hard time holding back tears. Then the priest told my husband that he appreciated our family being in there. Though we were only I. There for a few minutes, it touched us all. I have never been a prouder mother.

There are times when I wonder if what I have been teaching them really sinks in. Tonight God showed me that they understand. They know.

Our youngest didn’t want to leave, but he was asking a lot of questions (that I answered after we left out of respect of the others meditating before Christ). Even after we changed them into PJs in the chapel bathroom, our youngest said, “Mommy, I wanna go back in there,” as he pointed to the chapel. I asked if he wanted to say “night night” to Jesus. He did and I nearly cried again. The tears did come as my husband and I discussed the tender moments in the car. Who knew that kids their age get it. Perhaps it is because their minds are not clouded with the evils in the world yet. They are still innocent.

God Bless!


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Being that this is the last week for our oldest to be in kinder homeschool, I wanted a laid back and low key kind of day. Our youngest also worked really hard on his pre-school and I got my school work for the week completed. All that was done by 8:30am!

Lunch rolls around and I see we have tons of apples (I tend to not say no when the kids want tons of fruit). It is then that I get it in my head that dinner can be apple cake. Once the boys head to nap, I tell them that if they nap they can help me make the apple cake when they wake up and then it’ll be cooled to have for dinner. They never passed out so fast!

Fast forward an hour and a half and the boys wake up, all sleepy eyed and adorable. The five year old went and grabbed the apples from the fridge and a bag of flour without me saying a word. I started peeling the apples and coring them. The kiddos (ages 3 and 5) helped chop the apples. They held the knife and I guided their hands. Each did a beautiful job taking turns.

This is the kind of thing I remember, always helping Mom in the kitchen. My memory is full of moments like this. I love passing on that tradition to our kiddos. We even rocked out to some tunes as we baked.

I would share a recipe, but I mashed two together and the batter was not wet enough, so I added heavy cream. Shush, remember, I am pregnant. 😛

We had the apples mingle with sugar, cinnamon, and cardamom. The boys took turns again, stirring it up. They did not get chucked into the batter.

In my 9×13, I poured half the batter and then half of the apples. Then I added oats, pecans, and raisins to the apples for the top. Then ya pour on the rest of the batter and finish up with the jazzed up apples. The oats, nuts, and raisins were on a whim because it sounded good. Yes, the kiddos were constantly stealing apples out of the bowl. 🙂

45 minutes later, this beauty came out of the oven:


As it baked, I made some whipped cream from the rest of the heavy cream I had. Yep, added cinnamon and a tad of cardamom to that too. YUM!

Now, this is not something we do for dinner on a regular basis. As a kid, there were rare instances we would have ice cream or pie for dinner, just for the heck of it. I was in one of those moods today and made it happen.

Here’s a slice of heaven:


The cake is so moist and flavorful and the top has a zing with a crunch that satisfies. My mash up of recipes and my own whimsy tastes very much like my Gramma’s apple cake. I haven’t had it for years (over a decade, maybe two) and I do not have that recipe. Now I wish I had written down everything I did from each recipe. Oh well! At least the boys and I have the memory.

God bless!

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17 week appointment

Today was my 17 week appointment. It was the typical weight and pee check followed by the Doppler. J had the Doppler in hand as the nurse walked in. He was eager to help hear the heart beat. Baby’s HR was 137 today. The boys’ HR never got that low. Yes, yes I am hoping for that old wives tale to be true.

The doc came in and did my fundal height. Apparently, I have been doing it wrong because he got 17cm (I got 20cm the other day). That equals 17 weeks to those not in the know.

I brought up my sciatica and that prenatal yoga is helping it. My OB was impressed that I do it.

The anatomy scan is scheduled. Those that need to know when it is know. Just know it is next month sometime. I will post how that goes once family knows.

As I type this out, I am feeling regular movement from the little one. Frequent, gentle jabs right around my pelvis. That is where the HR was found today too. I love that feeling! Though I may wince at the rougher movements in a few months, I really do love them. It is how I know the baby is ok.

God Bless!

Easter bread we made yesterday. Yep, those eggs are naturally dyed. Four of those loaves were made yesterday and our OB office enjoyed one of them today.


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Questions people ask

Most often I get asked if we have a girl this time are we done having kids. I have to smile and say no. I explain that we are Catholic and will have as many children as God blesses us with. Usually I get looked at like I am crazy at that point. Again, I just smile.

Once I thought I would have two kids and be done like my mother. However, my husband’s and my love keeps growing and it spills over into a new life. I think that is awesome.

The second most asked question I get asked by complete strangers is if I have heard of birth control. Again, I mention our faith and why I am against birth control. Yes, once, before I converted I used the dreaded patch. I was super hormonal, had cramps from hell, and felt like a wicked witch for the 9 months I was on it. When I quit the patch, I apologized profusely to my husband for how crabby I was. After that, I vowed to never use birth control again.

Recently, the “do you know what you’re having” questions started. I want to *head/desk* every time I get asked that. Hubby just tells people we are hoping for a human. I try to patiently explain that we won’t know until sometime in April and I won’t even know when in April until tomorrow (Monday). Then they cock their heads, “well that is silly. How far along are you?” That is another one I get frustrated with because the chart, dating u/s, and conception date all point to different weeks. Heck, my fundal height is 20 weeks and I am 17/18wks 1day. *shrug*

I have a feeling they will say I am 17wks-ish tomorrow and the anatomy scan will be mid-late April. Yay, more waiting. It wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t due at the end of Aug. You see, other ladies in the birth board for August on BabyCenter know and have known the sex of their babies for a while or at least know when their anatomy scan appointment is. I feel like I am in limbo. At least I will know tomorrow morning. Time will probably drag between now and then. This is why I will fill my day with church, homework, and baking Easter bread.

God bless!

Update: At Mass I was asked, “Do you always get this big?” I smiled and answered, “yes I do. I make big babies. Our oldest was 8 pounds even and our youngest was 8 pounds 7 ounces.” To that I got a, “good luck” and the, “I feel sorry for you” look. Meh, I am kind of used to being huge preggo in the summer.

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16/17 weeks

My prenatal yoga DVDs came in and yoga helps with my sciatica so much! However, I noticed shaving my legs causes it to flare up, mostly when baby wants to wedge itself right where I need to bend. Today I witnessed my belly move in the shower when I nudged baby to another area. However, baby stayed there briefly and returned to the annoying and slightly painful spot. As a result, I have developed a wabble (waddle/hobble). It is funny and absolutely ridiculous, but I am happy I can laugh at myself.

We were at Lowes today and I was trying to find tomato cages for our garden. I was apparently rubbing my now obvious baby bump and two female employes cooed at me, “aww, she’s rubbing her belly!” I looked down and sure enough, hand was on belly. All I could do was smile at them. It is nice that my bump is recognized for what it is instead of me coming across as gaining a few pounds too many.

Our boys are convinced baby is a girl. I keep catching myself saying her or she. I have even tried to type it here but I am trying to not get my hopes up.

Cravings: Olive Garden salad, chocolate, mint Oreos, and fruit. At least the unhealthy balances with the healthy, right?

Aversions: Well water, bottled water is ok though. I have at least stopped using Mio.

Clothing: Weather is heating up, so I am preferring tanks with maternity jeans, sun dresses, and my very comfy gouchos.

Nausea: it now only hits me in the car or at night at bedtime. I combat the car nausea with TicTacs and night nausea with sleeping.

Sleep: Being that I get up to pee once a night instead of 3 times like in the first trimester, I am sleeping better. However, that darn Daylight savings made a zombie out of me for a few days.

Activity: I try to get up and move once a day. I have now discovered that unloading a car full of groceries makes me winded and I have to plop my rear down and rest a bit before putting them away. Luckily, we have helpers in this family! 🙂 Today was groceries and later on we will rake out the garden patch.

God bless!


Craving fulfilled from home! 🙂

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A dear friend of mine over at The Up Look is having an Apple product giveaway to help fund their adoption of a sweet special needs boy named Ollie. Their adoption journey has been far from easy and now it feels as though they are so close to getting their boy home. They need to raise $400 by tomorrow. Please join in on the giveaway ($10=1 entry, further details listed in the link posted above). If anything, pass her blog around so the word spreads. Every child deserves a loving family.

God bless!

UPDATE: They have reached their goal! They still have several goals to go before Ollie is in their arms but they are a couple goals away from going to meet Ollie! Praise God!

Latest Update: The adoption is fully funded and they leave to go get him in the next few weeks. God is so very good! 😀 Please hold them in prayer as they prepare to travel and stay in his home country a bit. May it all go smoothly!

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The other day I was munching on Wheat Thins from the store and I wondered if a recipe was floating around the interwebs for homemade ones. Lo and behold, I found The Smitten Kitchen. She has oodles of homemade stuff that was once processed yuck.

Today I made them from her recipe (posted above in the link). If you want to make them, chuck the rolling pin. Our first pan was super thick even when we thought it may be thin enough. Second, craft a stamper. See picture of potato, hubby crafted that for me.

What to use instead of the rolling pin? Your pasta maker of course! We started at level 8 and worked down to 3, finding that perfect thickness. Hubby even approves! He even helped with the stamping and pasta machining.

As I type this on my phone, our boys are happily munching on the first half of the double batch.

The taste is very similar and the cost is definitely cheaper! I bought the flour for about $3 and used 3 cups of the 20something that is in the bag. That bag of flour is the price of a box of store Wheat Thins.

Sure, it took time, about an hour to make a double batch, but I am happy I am not eating processed junk.

Now to the photos since the app does not like posting photos where I want and I am too lazy to jump on my computer.





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