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Today I decided to pull my Singer out for the first time in two years. I heard about reusable baby wipes and even have some bamboo ones from GoGreen Diapers. I was told by some long time crunchy mamas that flannel could be used.

After digging in my craft drawers, I found three bits of flannel that I cut into rectangles.


Then I played with sewing them. Marcia (forgive me her link is not memorized, look up Verian Universe on WordPress and that is her blog) told me about seeing two rectangles together and leaving an end open for your hand to go through. I rather liked that concept.


I decided I did not like the raw edges and seamed them before joining the rectangles. Here is that result:


Yes, I did make some hubby sized ones so when it is his turn for diaper duty, he can fit his hand inside.

What do we wet them with? Take a spray bottle and fill it with water and a few drops of tea tree oil. The tea tree oil will help combat yeast. That is a concern for cloth diapering folks as well as the parents of little girls. Spray the wipe and wipe baby’s bum. Then it can all go into the same wet bag with the cloth diaper.

Yes, I plan to be a natural birthing, breast feeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering, and reusable wiping mama. I already make my own laundry and dishwasher detergent. How else can I be “crunchy?”

God Bless


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We had the big anatomy scan today. It was thrilling! I was nervous all day until I laid down in the bed for the ultrasound. I was never like that with the boys.

This morning pink roses were in bloom in our front yard and I quietly thought it had to be a sign. I quickly dismissed it though.


Right in the middle of measurements the tech got to what we had been waiting for and I cried. When she confirmed we were finally having a girl, I balled! We finally get our Rozlynn Gianna.


Rozlynn is a name I have had in mind for years. Think Rose (no, not a Doc Who reference) + Lynn (family name). Gianna is for St. Gianna. After miscarriages, I decided to go with paying her homage. Marie was always thought of for a middle name for a girl because that is another family name. However, Gianna had to be honored.

Right after the scan we went to a local Catholic store and we got her this:


It is for her to wear when we baptize her.

I should note this is the first girl on my side of the family since I was born. My mom has gone nuts buying pink with every pregnancy and now it has a baby girl to go to. 🙂

Thanks for the prayers my dear readers. Nothing is wiping the smile off my face today.

God Bless!

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20 weeks!

Hey all, sorry I have been absent for over a week. Just know I am perfectly alright. Look for a bigger post with big news later on in the week! 🙂

Yesterday marked 20 weeks into this pregnancy. Baby has been felt outside the womb now. However, it shys away when the boys try to feel. Today, at Mass, baby was bouncing around for the entire homily. Soon as our priest started speaking, baby wiggled. As the final words escaped his lips, baby stopped. I thought that was neat.

Nausea still occurs at unexpected times. Cravings are fruit and spicy foods. Salads are now very gross to me. :/ Perhaps it was that two week binge of salads at all times of the day that did me in. Craving over kill.

Aches and pains are here and there. Round ligament pain gets me about once a week. Sciatica has tamed down thanks to yoga and a new mattress! In general, my belly just feels heavy.

It made my day yesterday when a woman said I looked tiny for 20 weeks. She is the -only- person to not say I am huge or big for as far along as I am. I appreciated that immensely.

God Bless!

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