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When one does the math, 40/3=13.3. Multiply that by 2 and 26.6. Right now I am just over 26.6wks along, meaning hello 3rd Trimester! Also, holy cow, the end is near and I totally do not feel ready. In fact, I feel overwhelmed for no good reason and that has had me in three fits of tears already today. It’s just past noon too, plenty of more time to cry over nothing today.

Perhaps everything is just piling up and I feel like I cannot do it all. Yet my load is about to get smaller with school ending soon. Am I afraid of no longer being a college student? I have no stinking clue!!

Despite all the cloth diapers, crib being ready, nursing necessities purchased, etc, I have that annoying feeling of trepidation. It hit this time when I was pregnant with the boys too. I have no idea why I get this way. I know there is the added stress that hubby will be away for most of this trimester too and I keep trying to beat that fear down. I will not deliver her before he returns. However, if that happens, at least I will have my mom and doula.

It all just seems to be happening so quickly. I want a pause button. Better yet, I would love to indulge in some velvety dark chocolate and a glass of Port. Both I cannot do right now, but I have declared that those are what I want as “push presents.”

Enough of the emotional stuff, I do not need you, my lovely readers to be sogging up my page with tears over something that is beautiful. 😉

How am I feeling? Huge. My belly bumps into -everything-. My waddle is more pronounced now too.

How is Roz? She is measuring 3 days ahead as of week 25. My OB sent us for a follow up U/S and she was ahead instead of behind, wahoo! Now I have it in my head that she will be yet another big baby. At 25wks2days she was estimated to weigh 1lb15oz. According to a chart I found online, most babies weigh that at 27wks, that is where we will hit tomorrow. I can do this!

What has gone on that is new? I started a yoga class at church. Last week we did some insane stuff that I thought I couldn’t do and I broke the mental block and did it. I am pushing back against the “you can’t do that’s” because I know my mind will be yelling that at me as I go through natural labor and delivery. I need to ignore my silly mind. I know I can, I have done it before.

Hubby also met our doula yesterday and we all seem like a really good fit. I am anxious for the next OB appt so that we can all meet together as a birth team.

The bowels…yes, I went there. Hemorrhoids are no fun. I had those very badly with the boys. I am being very open here because many women just do not get told about them or how bad they can be. No matter how much fiber I added to my diet, no matter how much water I chugged, nothing helped. With our youngest, I actually had to get them pushed back in. Not a pleasant experience. All I have to say is: do your kegals and DO NOT lift heavy things (this includes children)! They do more than tone your lady bits, they help shrink hemorrhoids too! Luckily, I do not have them…yet. However, I am prepared if I do. Tucks and PrepH are in the medicine cabinet for when and if they arrive.

Eating stuffs: I have to eat less food more often now. Everything is officially crammed up against each other on the inside. Breathing is also interesting but yay for yoga, I can slip into that breathing pattern easily.

God bless!


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I know, I have been slacking on blogging lately, but school has me going hard and tough during the last class, six more weeks! Not to mention other things like volunteering and regular house/yard stuff.

Today was my 25 week appointment and I was armed with several questions for my OB. All of them were answered and I left feeling quite happy. I was honestly prepared to change OBs if things did not go well.

Looking at past appointments he was geared to induce me because I labor fast. However, when I confronted him on that issue today he was more than happy to say I do not need one and since I live close and have a doula he is not concerned about me having Roz on the side of the road. He also struck the note of induction from my chart.

Since the Army loves to play around important times, I asked several other things regarding hospital tours, gestational diabetes check, meeting with hubby, OB, and our doula. Yep, hubby gets to be away for a tiny bit and returns just before my due date. I wanted all my ducks in a row now because I am a crazy planner, worse so when pregnant!

My OB is thrilled with my choice in doula and loved that I am having her come to my next appointment, which is also my gestational diabetes check. It will be the first time our birth team will all meet together. I must admit, I did an internal happy dance when I was told I could eat my egg and whole wheat toast the morning of my GD test. In Germany, they liked me to fast and the drink was horrid. Imagine chugging down warm, ultra-concentrated prune juice. We shall see what it is like here, not even sure if it is chilled here. I just know sweet and I do not get along this pregnancy.

We also go in again this week for another peek at Roz. My OB reviewed the anatomy scan shots again and just wanted to double check on her growth. The tech thought she was a week behind and my OB says things measure spot on as far as fundal height. I am rather glad he took a second peek at them. I am sure all is well since everything else from the scan was perfect.

Weight gain: Up six pounds in four weeks. I was not happy about that but my OB said not to worry because he isn’t. He thinks I am gaining at a decent rate. The closer I get to 200 pounds, the more I glare at the scale. I really do not want to go over 195.

Cravings: Crunchy veggies. Dunno why, they just sound and taste delicious to me and I cannot get enough carrots!

What makes me gag: Sweet things and chocolate. Why must my daughter make me not be able to eat chocolate?! It was torture last week being at a social function where there were three pots of Velata going. I munched on naked strawberries and breathed in the seductive aroma of the chocolate to get my “fix.”

How I am feeling: Nausea is still around, hunger seems near constant (when I am not feeling green, that is), tired (like 1st trimester tired), confident, and empowered (thanks Birth Without Fear). I am also feeling blimp like because getting out of bed is a chore as well as getting in it. I hated admitting it to my hubby, but I am going to partially enjoy him being gone so I can roll out from his side of the bed for my middle of the night pee adventures instead of climbing out of my side and waddling to our bathroom.

Our cloth diaper stash has grown and I am just waiting for one print to be released before I finish our stash. Clothes sound like they are coming in from everywhere for her so I am just trying to be patient as I wait for those boxes. Nesting has hit hard. I want everything ready. I want my hospital bag packed already too. I know, I have tons of time but my hands just have to be doing something. On yeah, crocheting baby girl a blanket! 🙂 Hubby let me get more year and I am reading an actual pattern (very, very easy pattern). In this way I am striking out a goal and my NYR at once. Marcia, be proud! 🙂

God bless!

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There are several friends of mine who are studying to be doulas. Little by little their ideas trickled into my mind and I began to love the idea of having a doula at a birth. Doulas were not on my mind at all with my first two kids, but definitely struck me with this pregnancy. They are advocates for the expectant parents, to help the mom stick to the type of birth she wants. Contrary to popular belief, they do not only support natural births. They are there to promote a happy and healthy delivery.

I admit, I was not super active in the doula search out here but knew I wanted one based on my OBs desire to induce me with the excuse that I labor fast. By now, I think we all know that every pregnancy and every birth is different. For all I know, Roz could take hours upon hours instead of less than an hour like our youngest.

Through three people on Facebook, I was lead to a woman who needs one more birth for her doula certification. Today, I met her and she is wonderful! Instantly I was able to see how much passion she has for what she does. Not only did we talk about birth, but so many other topics came up too. Resources were pooled together too, so much to learn from each other!We see eye to eye and the boys couldn’t get enough of her. Her experience is vast and her love of family is amazing to see. I about cried when we said yes to each other, to be teammates in this pregnancy and the delivery.

She will meet my husband later this month and will join me in a prenatal visit next month. I want to give my OB the heads up first since the four (five, gotta count Roz) of us will be in this together.

Now I am more comfortable with her added to the team. The fear of being induced against my wishes is vanishing. My fear of Roz being transverse the entire time is fading away too as she can help me out with moving her into the proper position when the time is closer. I feel so much more relaxed now and down right excited. Time is ticking by quickly and it feels great to have one more thing checked off my “to-do” list.

I’ve had so many people support me along my dream to opening a bakery. It feels great to help another person out to reach their dream and live in their passion.

God bless!

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St. Gianna is very near and dear to my heart. With my history of pregnancy loss, I have looked to her and asked for her intercessions. I have also shared what I know about her to other women who have struggled with pregnancy loss. Terry did a great job sharing more knowledge about her.

8 Kids And A Business

Also posted at Catholic Insight, catholicinsight.com

First, a clarification: All moms work, whether they stay at home or go out and earn a paycheque. For this post, I’m defining “working mom” as those of us who work outside the home.

In the twenty-five years that I’ve been a mother, I’ve worked as a full-time and part-time RN. I was also a stay-at-home mom for a few years, homeschooling for three of those years.  Currently I’m an RN in private practice and own a healthcare-related small business.

The CatholicSt. Gianna Church has a patron saint for every situation in life.  Working moms have a role model and ally in St. Gianna Beretta Molla, a mom of three who practiced medicine in a time when mothers who had jobs and careers were rare and female doctors even more so.  As a registered nurse, I’m especially drawn to her because we both chose careers…

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Last night, as I laid down for bed, it hit me. The 5th was when my angel babies I lost on October were due. It did not make me sad at all. In fact, I smiled. Here I am, 23wks pregnant with my rainbow baby, getting to walk for life today, and getting to see the photos of some dear friends’ babies as they enter the world this week too. It really is beautiful.

I know some women feel guilt or sadness as that due date approaches and they may/may not be pregnant again. Sometimes I think of my first loss’ due date briefly and carry on. It may sound cold, but it is not. God has a purpose for me, that is why I share what I do.

Where I was usually an open person to begin with, I am more so now. It helps me cope with it and based on what some of my readers have commented, it has helped them too. That is why I am here. By all means, if you have questions, ask me. I don’t bite. If there is an aspect in all this sensitive material that you want me to delve into more, let me know, I will do what I can.

Today, I walk for all the unborn, those in heaven and those waiting to be born.

God bless!

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I know I have not blogged in a while. Life got busy and it isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

This past week was the last week of my second to last college course. It is very hard to wrap my head around that I will have a college degree in my hands within the next couple of months. My new class, my last class, starts on Monday. It seems very similar to one of my previous classes. Today was spent printing off said book and additional materials for it.

I had also been spending extra time with my sewing machine, making more reusable baby wipes from receiving blankets. Oh yeah, baby stuff came in the mail, gobs of it. Our house is a sea of purple and pink.

Tomorrow I walk for life for our local Pregnancy Help Center. They offer many free services to moms in crisis pregnancies. Services include some health care, classes for parenting/pregnancy, free clothes for mom and baby, the classes allow the women to earn points for bigger items like car seats and changing tables. We donated baby stuff to them before, it will be nice to walk for them (even though I have zero sponsors). I figure it will be a great show of support to be 23wks pregnant and walking for life.

Sunday is our parish festival. My husband will be helping prepare sausages and serving the food. I will be cutting pies.

Monday will be a mess, so not even going to go there. Tuesday my husband will be off, but likely sleeping. That evening is the instillation mass for HALO and I will officially be installed as the HALO President. There is a reception afterwards. What should I make for that??

Hopefully, things will slow down a tad after that, but it very well could pick back up to insane levels again.

I do have a food post I want to make soon, I have the photos for it, just haven’t gotten around to writing it.

God Bless!

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