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Today marks 31 weeks. Where has the time gone?! This past week has left me very tired and nausea has come back full force. I was actually pulling out the peppermint disks yesterday because it hit me so hard. Nine more weeks, just nine more!

Roz also decided to flip to breech. Not only was that uncomfortable feeling, but it was odd when she got the hiccups and I felt it beside my belly button. Normally I feel her hiccups in my pelvis. Yes, I know she has “plenty of time to turn.” However, my boys never ever did this sort of thing. They were head down from 16 weeks on.

She also kicked me so hard this week that I have a nice bruise by my belly button. I will spare you all photos because stretch marks, though white and not new, are not cute. I used to hate those marks but I have grown to love them. Life happens in there and that is pretty fantastic. Who cares that my bikini days are over (ok, probably the hubby, but I think he agrees the kids are worth the sacrifice of a “perfect” belly).

On a totally different topic, I am officially done with my Bachelor’s Degree in Entrepreneurial Studies! What does this mean? It means that I am one step closer to opening my bakery! It also means I can enjoy books, all the books at my leisure. That makes my nerdy self content. I am 75% done with Ridley Pearson’s Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark. Yes, a young adult/children’s book but my brain has been chugging full force for the past 2.5 years and I needed to give the poor thing a break. My inner child is thrilled to wander through WDW as I slide my finger across the “pages”. Yep, got it on the Kindle app for instant gratification. I did promise hubby that I would do my best to make it last until Monday. Whoops, that isn’t happening. I blame my string desire for the past nine months of returning to WDW on me sucking the book down so quickly. Yes, that means I have wanted to go back to WDW since we left it. C’mon, we didn’t get to check out Fantasyland and my nerdy/girly side wants to go check out Belle’s section.

I also have more time to attempt to crochet a blanket for lil miss. Again, I tore out half of what I had done, bumping me down to 1/8th of the way done with it. *sigh* I am determined to get this done in 7 weeks. “But don’t you have 9 weeks remaining?” Why, yes, yes I do…but my boys never baked to a full 40 weeks, hence the freak out of getting it done.

Once the heat is more reasonable, I will bake and post in that category again. Our little pocket of TX has been stuck in the triple digits for a few days, with no relief until Monday when it will be a sweet 88 degrees! 😀

God bless!


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Many of my friends are rejoicing over the bill that got shot down thanks to an unruly gaggle of Planned Parenthood supporters. Still, many more, including myself are saddened by it. By now, my readers should know that I am a firm Catholic. I was pro-life long before I converted (once my conversion occurred, I became pro-life for more than just the abortion side of it, so please, no bashing me there).

This bill that was getting voted on included great things:

1. That abortion clinics be classified as ambulatory surgical facilities. This means they’d have to have higher standards of care/cleanliness. Think Gosnell…Texas was trying to keep that from happening. How many women have to die on an abortion table because of abortionists in it for the cash and not the care of women. FYI, in case you didn’t click the link above, 37 of the 42 abortion clinics fail to meet outpatient surgery standards. That is INSANE!

2. That abortion clinics be within a half hour of a hospital. If something goes awry, wouldn’t you want to be close to a hospital where you can get -proper- medical attention, or would you want to bleed out in a musty recovery room?

3. The end of abortions beyond 20 weeks gestation. At that point in a pregnancy, fetal movements are felt on the outside, the parents may know the sex of their baby, the baby can feel. Here is more information on what is going on at 20 weeks gestation via BabyCenter.

How is it that these protesters got away with it? They were not peaceful, they shouted “shame, shame, shame.” No, no, shame on you for being disruptive and not allowing the bill to get signed in time. If the tables were turned, I am sure the other side would be quite upset as well. I can only pray at this point that Gov. Rick Perry re-schedules the vote and that when the protestors show up again, they leave when asked instead of acting like immature children.

Yes, I know this very post will cost me some friends. I don’t care. My stance will remain the same. I originally was going to remain quiet on this, but it keeps nagging at me. Here’s my voice, take it or leave it.

*UPDATE* Praise God! I just read a news article stating that Gov. Perry is calling the legislature to vote again on SB5. Now to pray that things are more peaceful this time.

*CLARIFICATION* It has come to my attention that some people are confused about my views. By no means am I for abortion at all, period. However, given the world we live in, such a thing exists and having up to standard facilities would be better than what 37 of them are like in TX at this point. My prayers go to all the unborn. Prayers also go to the women who felt it was their choice to have their child torn from their uterus. As always, if you have questions for me, ask me directly. Most of you reading this know how to contact me.

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Week 30

Week 30 starts today and it kinda smacked me in the face. I feel unprepared, maybe because all of my nesting is done and I have nothing left to clean/organize until the boxes come in the mail from family and friends.

The start of this week began with my gestational diabetes test. I was dreading it because of the horrid flavor Germany had when I was pregnant with the boys. Imagine concentrated prune juice served warm. Yeah, yuck! Here it was like very flat Sprite. I chugged it no problem, but it left a film all over my mouth that made me want to do nothing more than chug all the water I could, but was not allowed to do. I passed the hour attempting to crochet but I kept getting dizzy as a result of all the sugar surging through my system. I tried to talk with my hubby while staring at the floor, determined to push back the nausea and keep the drink in my system. The general crappy feeling vanished in the last few minutes and then I was starving! Oh, found out yesterday that I passed the GD test, wahoo!
Rewind a tad to the actual exam, the 25 wk u/s went well. My OB thinks the one done at 21wks was done wrong because at 25wks she was measuring just fine, in the 53rd percentile. My EDD remains the same. This is a first! With the boys it bounced all over the original EDD week. Our doula was there too and it was a great experience. The staff adore her and are thrilled she will be with us at delivery. I personally enjoyed how she stood up for me when the OB seriously questioned my desire for a natural birth, “I don’t want it to be traumatic for you.” Dude, not my first rodeo. She said to him with perfect professionalism, “She has been doing yoga, relative breathing, and she has done a natural birth before.” He shut his trap and I beamed over a smile. Seriously, her being there pushed back my mama near hormones. I turned in my brand new, polished up birth plan to them too and the nurse loved it so much she wants to copy it for future patients to look at. Yep, I got super detailed. I may have to post it here minus our names of course.
After the appointment, we picked up the boys and dashed off to Chinese food. We went to a place we had delivered to us the previous weekend because it was awesome then. I was so dang disappointed with the buffet. I kinda picked at my plate and did not get up for seconds because my taste buds had enough disappointment for one day. At least now we know the delivery is great and not to dine in.

This is also my last week of college classes for my bachelor’s! I vow to read a low-key, young adult series to turn my brain off a bit once I finish this last assignment. Then I will jump into more age appropriate books and enjoy that text books are a part of my past!

We also had the Army Birthday Ball last week and that was fun! It was kind of like a last fancy date with the hubby before baby comes. It was awkward trying to slow dance with him with my belly in the way, but it provided a lot of laughter from both of us. After going to many balls in the near 10 years we have been married, it still irks me that some women do not understand the definition of formal. It does not mean a dress you have to constantly adjust over your bottom because you might flash your underthings. It means floor length gown with class! Yes, I am serious about this. If our ladies and gentlemen who serve our country look smashing in their dress uniforms, we have to match that. That means keep your rear and chest contained. /end rant.

How am I feeling? Tired, very tired. The boys love to fight sleep now and that just leaves me more worn out.

Cravings? Nothing really. There are times where nothing sounds good, but I eat because I know I need to.

Weight: I am at about to where I wanted to be maximum, but we are so close to the end that I am not going to stress over it.

How’s the belly? It feels huge but I am told it looks small. It bumps every thing these days and it is increasingly more difficult to get out of bed and the couch. The glider is a safer option for me, it does not try to suck me in and eat me. Also, no new stretch marks and the ones I had from our oldest have not changed color, still white instead of purple.

Belly button? It is shallow. It never “popped” with the boys. Instead, it got flat with them. When she gets her lil toosh behind my belly button, it becomes even shallower.

God Bless!

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A month ago I signed up to do dishes and wipe down tables for a function at church. I had nearly forgotten about it, sweet hubby reminded me. I went to the volunteer station last night to perform my duties and was told to sit down and eat instead of doing what I came to do.

Another pregnant lady showed up to help, she signed up when I did. She was given the same treatment. “You ladies do not need to do this in your condition.” She and I just looked at each other and shrugged with that look of “we are not broken!” I did partake in an oatmeal cream pie as that is about as sweet as I can tolerate these days and she had herself a proper supper. We sat and talked a bit and saw our shift was due to start and were shooed away yet again. We cleaned up by eating…*eyeroll*

After we were told everything was done and to be on our way, we felt guilty for not helping, not like we didn’t want to or attempt to. We discussed how for so much of the pregnancy people just assumed we packed on the pounds. Now that our bumps are prominent, everyone refuses to let us do -anything-. The only thing that breaks me is heat. Let me do stuff! If only some of you knew what I do in my house every day, you’d probably want to slap my hands, shove me in my couch, and hand me a cool drink with an umbrella (I might not object too much).

The other thing that irks the heck out of me is when I clearly state I have eaten recently and am told to eat more. After all, I am growing a human life. Yes, I get that; however, I do not need to cram food down my throat every hour. My tummy is being invaded by my growing uterus and digestion has gotten crazy slow. I feel bad enough gaining six pounds this month, please do not treat myself or other pregnant women like garbage disposals who must sit down all day and do nothing.

I am pregnant, not broken! Let me do stuff and stop forcing me to eat more!

God bless!

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What Yoga does for me

Most people do not get Yoga paired with Catholicism. I’m not the spiritual meditating type kind of yoga student/participant. For the past three weeks I have enjoyed Yoga taught in our parish cafeteria. We face a lovely painting of Jesus Christ with raised arms and a loving smile. When Dave pushes us really hard, I focus on Jesus’ face and breathe through the pose. This week we were reminded not to grimace, that it clouds our minds. We were told this as we were extending our arms upwards and pulling against a strap to become more aware of our shoulders. It was uncomfortable, many of us grimaced soon as he reminded us not to do that. Yes, I was one of them and I quickly moved my eyes to Jesus and attempted to smile, keeping my chin level with the floor and my arms straight, shoulder blades nearly touching. Focus, breathe, ignore the feeling of my arms wanting to fall off.

It was also amusing that before class started last night, I was simply sitting cross legged and my knees were at/below hip level to those who weren’t pregnant. I got complimented that I must be so flexible. Hah! I told them that pregnancy loosens up everything and that I am taking full advantage of it while I can. The position was comfortable, it helped open my hips/pelvic area.

After our shoulders were tormented some more, I thanked Dave. Why? Well, oddly enough, opening up the chest area helped me feel like I had more room. Right now I am almost 28 weeks along and space in my abdomen is pretty tight/cramped. I could breathe…properly even. It felt great.

Certain poses help relieve pregnancy moans and groans like sciatica and just plain old hip and back pain. These are all put into my “toolbox” to use when I need them.

Yoga has helped me learn to focus more, taught me to breathe the correct way, corrected my posture, taught me to create more space, relax, and help pain go away. These are all things that can help in the labor and birthing process that I know is just creeping around the corner. My yoga journey started almost seven years ago while pregnant with our oldest son. I remember being at the hospital before I was due and a mom was in terrible pain, her partner had a lost look on his face. I showed them how to get her to relax and to rub her lower back lightly as it was obvious she was having back labor. She seemed to immediately melt and relax under his touch. It was something small, but had it not been for yoga, I wouldn’t have known.

Go get yourselves some yoga DVDs or even join a class at your local gym. You don’t have to be a pro. Trust me, I wish I could be the type of mom who does Yoga hand stands while nursing her baby. That’s a power mama right there, but I know that I probably will not get to that point. If I do, awesome. Start small and work your way up. Relax and sink into it.

Namaste and God Bless

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