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About a week ago I saw a really awesome meme from The Catholic Company. It shows how you can flip sinful behavior into virtues. Here is the meme:


Deadly Sins: Virtues:
Pride Humility
Lust Chastity
Envy Kindness
Greed Generosity
Anger Meekness
Sloth Diligence
Gluttony Temperance

If we are humble, we can be less prideful. I think our Pope is the best example on how to be humble. Despite all the bells and whistles that go with his position, he has turned them down.

Lust: there are so many sexual images thrown at us every day. The other day, Middle Kid was helping me lug the laundry basket to the washroom. We had to pass the TV on the way and a “news” program replayed video from the Grammy’s. It was a next to naked BeyoncΓ© shaking her rear. My hands immediately went to cover his 4 year old eyes. This was on at 6:30pm! I am trying to teach my kids to be chaste in this sexed up world. I am tired of all genders being objectified. That is a whole other post on its own. Adultery comes to mind when the sin of lust is brought up.

Envy is so easy to fall into. So and so has this awesome car, I want it too. If we are kind to one another instead of being hateful because someone else has what we covet, then we would all be faring better. Again, our world is full of material goods. It is all worthless junk. It isn’t going to get you through those pearly gates, so why bother? Hmm, ties in with humility a bit doesn’t it? Again, a commandment, thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s goods.

Greed falls into envy a bit. It is the “I want it all” syndrome. Kiddos seem to have a hard time with this, especially when exposed to ads targeted towards them or at the store when those objects are at their eye level. This is why I have my kids purge their stuff at least once a year to give to those that have nothing. When the toy box is over flowing, we know it is time to donate some stuff. They do it without complaint too, which is a blessing! Generosity goes a long, long way.

Anger! Having been a former yeller, I am so very guilty of this. Instead, we need to be meek. This is why we now have The Holy Family posted all over our house. We now reflect on the images when we feel heated instead of blowing up. God is slow to anger, so should we. We have control over our emotions and cannot blame anyone for them but ourselves.

Sloth is sheer laziness. It is also when we are filled with trepidation in what God calls us to do. Now that I am reflecting on these, I see that my near two years of hemming and hawing on veiling when I knew I should do it was sloth! Now I am diligent! Have faith and trust in God. Get it done! It is pretty awesome that God is patient. πŸ™‚

Gluttony, we are all probably guilty of this in one way or another. I LOVE to bake and I LOVE to eat it too. However, I need to set a proper example to my kids. Too much of a good thing is bad. Moderation is key and I am re-teaching that to myself. This is called temperance. What happens when we gobble up too much junk? We feel like crud!! Our souls get holes as our stomachs bloat. Not cool. This is another instance where we could also be generous and give what we really don’t need away.

How do you all flip your sins to virtues?

Please do not forget to participate in my weekly veil fashion linkup this Sunday! It is ok of you post the day after as I know many of you abstain from the internet on Sundays.

God Bless!!


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Today there will be a new bishop in my local diocese. It covers a HUGE amount of Texas, about 39,000 square miles! We say farewell to Bishop Pfeifer and welcome to Bishop Sis! If any of you in the blogosphere want to watch the service live, hit up this link at 2pm CST.

I have written about Bishop Pfeifer in the past. In fact, he blessed my daughter the day before he got notice that his retirement had been accepted. Our local paper has done a couple of lovely spreads on our beloved bishop. He did a great amount of work in our community in his 28.5 years of service to this diocese. Bishop Elect Sis has also done outstanding things in the Austin Diocese. He has a knack with the youth. In this day and age, our youth need someone like him to keep them on the right path. We look forward to him shepherding our community and wish Bishop Pfeifer the best as he retires in San Antonio.

God bless!!

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Welcome to the second edition of the Veiling Fashion Linkup!

Today, we were blessed again with gorgeous weather. 74 degrees! I chose a short sleeved nursing dress. It was quite the debate as to which Pashmina to wear because none of them went 100% with the dress. GamerDad and I finally came to an agreement with this one:

I did adjust my sleeve and shawl so that my shoulder was covered. My hair was in braids to prevent Little Miss from grabbing fistfuls of hair and the shawl. It worked! She decided to only gnaw on the Pashmina as well as her dress. Middle Kid told me that I did not have to veil any more and I told him that I did. I explained that it is an additional way that I show my respect in the presence of Christ. He kept his hands off of it today and honestly understood what I was telling him. Praise God!

If you veiled this week, please link back here and comment so we can see. πŸ™‚

God Bless!!

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There are many times that I wonder if what I am teaching is sinking in. I am sure many school based teachers wonder the same about their desk bound students as well.

Yesterday, we were reviewing for his 3rd quarter test in religion. There were a few I was sure he was going to get wrong and he -stunned- me! He didn’t just spout the easy answers to things, but gave an explanation.

He also had CRE last night. It was one of the loaves and fish “stories”. We have gone over both a couple of times and he has heard them at Mass too. When he came home, he told me about it and was excited that he answered questions correctly. Then, he handed me his worksheet and I about cried! He was upset that he didn’t finish the last two word scrambles, but he got the questions on the front side right and the other 8 scrambles correct as well! My heart lept with joy! He IS getting it!

That meant the world to me because I get hit with a lot of “I don’t know”s when we review or have a series of questions over something we just read. To have him spout off what I have taught him (and his CRE teachers) is all the thanks I need for doing what I do.

God bless!!

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Just over a year ago, my husband returned from Afghanistan. While he was there, he had a couple of rosaries made for me. One is made of Lapis Lazuli, a stone referenced quite a bit in scripture, and the other is made from amethyst. The latter is my favorite and it is because of more than the purple stones. It is because of the unity cross on it. What is a unity cross you ask? Let me show you:


It shows God’s symbol, Christ on the cross, and Mary at His side with a chalice filled with His blood. Mary shows eternal love by being at Christ’s side even as he was dying for the sins of the world. Beautiful! To learn more about the unity cross aka Schoenstatt Cross, please go here.
The link posted was found by a friend of mine. She told me the rosary I had was special and the name and I had forgotten until she posted about it today. Huge thanks to her for that!

The Mary medal in the center of my rosary has Mary with the Christ child. I love how this rosary goes full circle.

I admit, when I first converted, I just did not get the rosary and why people asked for her intercessions. Now, I get it. It hit me when my husband was deployed. We ask her for help. She is our Heavenly Mother. We don’t pray to her or to the saints, we ask them to pray for us. They help us out.

When I say the rosary, I try and grab this one because it helps me focus on the mysteries better. It is hard not to when two major points of Christ’s life are right there on it. However, I do need to grab my beads more often.

Do you have a favorite rosary? What helps keep you focused on the mysteries?

God Bless!

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Calling my fellow veilers! This week I’d like to kick off the first veiling fashion linkup. I have never done this before and I am not a pro on fashion. You all will soon see that my wardrobe is mostly purple. Can you guess my favorite liturgical seasons? πŸ˜‰

Last week, I attempted my veil that I ordered from Veils and Mantillas. They have an Amazon and an EBay store as well as a Facebook page.

Here is that veil:


I keep a mini side part most days and I did last Sunday. Well, the comb I sewed in kept sliding down my part to the right side of my head. Little Miss kept tugging on it from under my arm while she nursed and Middle Kid just thought it was fantastic for ducking under when we had to stand (he’d stand on the pew and hide under the veil). So, I will tuck it away until the kids are older. Meanwhile, I shall utilize the many Pashminas GamerDad purchased while in Afghanistan.

I will also note that while at our out of town parish last week, I spotted one other veiler. My FIL inquired at Nana’s why I chose to veil. I went on a long spiel and got, “ok…” as a response. I was hoping for something more for a response, but at least the family now knows why I have opted to get into this.

Here is the Pashmina I am using today:

Yep, I am a huge fan of turquoise too. It fits for this week since we are getting back into Ordinary Time and it pairs nicely with my eggplant colored top. You cannot see it, but I am wearing black slacks. We’ve been blessed with 70’s this weekend. No doubt, our parish will still have the heat on and my outfit will help keep me cooler.

What veil/mantilla/shawl/head covering are you wearing this week? Please post and link back here to get this linkup started! πŸ™‚ Forgive me for forgetting who suggested I do this, but thank you!!

God bless!

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Imagine traveling as a family of five. Now imagine the youngest is 4 months old who LOVES to roll and scoot to get around, but forced to be still for hours on end. Now, when said child poos her diaper mid flight…things get interesting.

Thank God TSA forces all liquids to be in a plastic bag. It made grabbing the diaper cream and wipe spray a cinch! I also grabbed a diaper, changing pad, and wet bag. I got back to the dinky bathroom (I am 5’9, being tall in those things is NOT fun) and pulled down the changing table. I somehow found space enough to store all the stuff I carried back while holding Lil Miss in the other arm. I sprayed her down and realized that I forgot to grab a couple of cloth wipes. Her poor bum had to endure rough paper towels. Then I went to rub on some cream to act as a buffer and prevent a rash. The lid fell to the floor. It looked like it fell under the toilet (by the way, the changing table is perched above the toilet). I held onto her with one hand and blindly felt around the two by two foot floor with my other hand. After a minute, I found it by my foot and the door. I am sure it sounded like I was beating the walls or something. I finally got her changed and back to our seat. That change felt like 20 minutes. Does time slow down in a smaller on the inside airplane bathroom? πŸ˜‰

She needed changed two other times that flight. I was not going to brave the sardine can bathroom again. The sweet lady next to me offered to hold Lil Miss’ head so I could utilize the tray table instead. That’s exactly what I did. If I could even remember the flight number, I would send a thank you to her while “tagging” the flight number. She was pretty awesome!

God Bless!!

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