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It has been a day full of stress. Today started on a great high note (paid off my car), and progressively got worse (stuff I just really do not want to get into).

The itch to be arty struck big time. It has built up over the past few days, actually. I initially resorted to mindless doodles in the homeschool planner…with twist crayons. That didn’t cut it.

I’d been eyeing the Color Me Your Way books and settled on a relaxing seascape in Color Me Your Way 2. Just looking at it uncolored chilled me out.

The boys actually behaved and played on their own while Lil Miss napped, allowing me to get out the colored pencils and color the stress away. Man, it was very therapeutic and I will revisit it again because I can tell I am still frazzled.

Here is what I colored:

Blah on it being sideways.

Here is where you can get the Color Me Your Way series: Color Me Your Way
Every page is filled with enchanting nature scenes. There are hidden images within the main scenes which adds to the fun in coloring it. Their Facebook page features finished color pages from different folks who all approached coloring the same scene in different ways. I love it!

God Bless!


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ACA aka Obamacare has had a lot of criticism. I am one who is not fond of it and now I have a very personal reason to loathe it.

A family member had surgery almost a month ago and did not receive proper PT. One walk down the hall a day. Water started building up. Now 25 pounds of fluid is built up, some of it is in the lungs. Internal bleeding is going on too. No one is running tests to find out where or why. In fact, they say my family member is clear to go home. I don’t think so! Where is the care in this plan?! It is more like let them wither and die. Only the strongest survive. Take every last penny they have and let them fade away in a corner to die.

I am trying so hard to not be angry. I keep rattling off a Hail Mary. I want to be there and I don’t at the same time. I feel that I would let word vomit fly from my mouth. Please add your prayers with mine.

God bless!

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Wrestling with emotions

Hello, it has been a while! The past week or so has been stressful. I have no idea why or even what triggered me to have fried nerves, but they were. They kinda still are.

Perhaps it is waiting for CA to -still- give me my temporary extension driver’s license. Or it could be anxiously awaiting our tax return so we can be 100% debt free. It could also be because my husband is getting ready to leave the home for a week due to work. The weather keeps teasing with 70s and then back pedaling to the 30s, two months of sickness, I am so done! And it could be that I have been feeling like a chubby slob even though I am not.

There, I aired it all out. I seriously wanted to word vomit it all out the other day but everything felt so raw. I wanted to chill and reflect on it some. Everything except the last one, I cannot control (feeling chubby I can control by watching what I stuff in my face). I wasted a week being frazzled. Seriously! I know better, the devil was really trying to get the better of me. Every time I felt down, I prayed. After Mass yesterday, I felt mostly better.

This morning started off alright and I found myself slipping again. I need to keep staring at my Holy Family images around the house. I need to wear one of my decades more often so I can sit and do a quickie prayer when I need to. I need to own up to my emotions and harness them.

The bright spot to the day was winning this:

20140210-130649.jpg. Our local station had a Russian word of the day and I only entered in one day. What was the word? Don’t ask me the Cyrillic phrase was, but it meant “opening ceremonies.” GamerDad entered every day. Oops.

Yes, a silly little pin got a smile on my face. Now to keep it there and keep hunting the good stuff instead of soaking in the mud.

Other good stuff:
1. Lil Miss is trying to crawl.
2. Oldest kiddo got all As again!
3. GamerDad helped and improved on revamping a cloth diaper (post to come once it is perfected).
4. Middle kiddo is starting to learn that we will not put up with demands and will easily be tricked if we change the subject. (Today was a giant fit of wanting to go into the news station. After a half hour, we bet him he wouldn’t be able to choose a lunch option. Guess what he did? 😉 ).
5. We have company coming into town this week and said company is giving me a Paella lesson!! That might be a future post too.
6. I am taming it down for GamerDad’s upcoming birthday. No Tardis failure this year, but we will have chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes.

What are your good things you have hunted out this week? How do you get out of an emotional funk?

God bless!

***UPDATE*** I called the DMV and my temp was mailed last week, so I should have it soon. My regular DL will be here in 2-3 weeks. Praise God!

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