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I took my ladies group to the Hummer House (click and explore) yesterday afternoon. We first thought it might not even happen because the morning had a bite to it with a chilly wind and some much needed rain. In fact, I had gotten calls asking if we were still going. I was determined to make it happen!

We got there a little ahead of our scheduled time and the slide presentation started right off. Many things were learned: 1. It takes about 7 hummers to equal 1oz. 2. A female always has two eggs that make up 20% of her weight. 3. Her skin is so tight when pregnant that you can see the eggs through her skin when you blow on her feathers. 4. Despite how hyper they appear, they are quite calm once captured. More was learned, but you’ll have to go and see for yourself!

Hummer House is known as a mega feeding station for the hummers. They have no less than 25 feeders out and plenty of pecan trees around with swarms of gnats (the protein rich food hummers love most). They call in banders to band new hummers and check the numbers on banded ones to track their journey and other data.

During the presentation, we saw a rare fellow, most likely an Allen’s Hummingbird. As a result, the banders were called in so we got to witness the whole process.

20140406-124147.jpg Allen’s Hummingbird

20140406-124405.jpgbander capturing hummers

Then we got to feel the heartbeat of a hummer. My goodness! If you thought their wings hummed, their heart seems to do it too! Finally, the real treat, holding a hummer! We all got to hold one, very briefly. See how calm they are?


It was an amazing experience! While there, they caught two older hummers, known by the number sequence on the bands. Right now, they are tracking down the 12 year old hummer. Yes, old for a hummer!

Most of the hummers this direction are black chinned humming birds. They have a black head and chin with a tiny bit of the most vibrant purple under their chins. These feathers are actually clear! Most of the vivid colors on hummingbirds are iridescent and clear.

If any of my dear readers get the chance to go to Christoval, TX, go to the Hummer House. They are open every Saturday from April-September. There are also cabins to rent so you can stay nestled up in a cabin in the pecan Forrest to watch the birds for a weekend. In a few weeks, I plan to take my boys there for a homeschool unit study.

God Bless!



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