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Like many of you, I saw a post floating around Facebook with mouthwatering looking pumpkin enchiladas. I just knew I had to make them!

For starters, the recipe is here: Love Bakes Good Cakes

My tweaks:

1. I used my homemade pumpkin purée. Instructional is here: Pumpkin puree

2. I also used homemade whipped cream. Buy Heavy Whipping Cream, add a dash of sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves…vanilla too because why not? Put all that in your stand mixer and beat with the whisk attachment until you get thick, white yumminess. If you beat too far you will gain pumpkin spiced butter and buttermilk. 😉

3. I used a pastry bag to pipe the filling in after I let it chill for a half hour. This was so the filling could firm up. Piping made the filling process neater.


Of I really wanted to be ambitious, I could have made my own tortillas and caramel…but I decided to be lazy there.

Be warned, it makes 20+ servings. I have leftover filling that just might be a dip for some apples in the morning. Yes, for breakfast! 🙂

The finished product, excuse the “fine china”:





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Yesterday, The Leaky B@@b posted an article on Facebook about a mother who was too embarrassed of her large bust to nurse her baby, especially in public.

Instantly, many of us well endowed ladies posted pics of our nurslings looking near suffocated at our bosoms. I happened to share one of when our latest one had just been born.

Today, I woke up to see that the image was posted by Jessica, the creator of The Leaky B@@b. Her SugarBaby had some cute quips for a 2 year old. See the post here.

Again, more women came out of the wood works showing their support because it is difficult to nurse with large tracks of land…mountains…what ever you call them. 😉 A few even were timid at first but opened up, beautiful to see!

In a culture that tends to look down the nose at NIPers (nursing in public), it was nice to see overwhelming support.

If you are a nursing mother, please, go give that page a look and follow it on Facebook.

Also, no more posting my tatas on the web. I was ok with The Leaky B@@b doing it to help even one woman, but don’t do it. Golden rule folks.


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A couple of weeks ago I dove into a Jamberry party and asked for a free sample. Like most people, I had heard of Jamberry and kind of knew what they were. When my sample came, I tried it out and was amazed! No dry time. Instantly fabulous nails without the risk of smudging!


After a day I was shocked! No chipping or peeling. The design was intact. A few more days passed and then I saw details about becoming a consultant. I swore I wasn’t going to get roped in. I had BTDT with MaryKay and hated it. The market was too saturated with no room to grow. However, with Jamberry, it is a fairly new company and significantly fewer consultants. Also, my success does not rely on the success of the team mates I sign on. I laid it all out to GamerDad, telling him that I didn’t think I would do it. He asked questions, I got them answered and he nudged me to go for it.

Factors going for me:
1. Market isn’t saturated here. Jamberry has a high quality product.
2. I have a business degree under my belt.
3. I am more organized and driven.
4. Social media!

By day 6, I wanted to peel my shield off because my free half sheet was coming in the mail (I won it via the party games by collecting the most points). Zero nail damage! LOVE!

First full “Jamicure”:


Now my Dr Who Nail wraps are coming in as well as my StyleBox. Oh yeah, you can make custom nail wraps! Neato!

I just hosted my first party to get my consultant kit at a discount. Now I come to you asking to help bump me up to 50% off, please. Please click on Jen’s Jams and order that way.

Or, if you would like to host a party or attend my launch party on 3 November, please let me know (jlkoepl@gmail.com)! 🙂 I have samples!!


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My absence explained

Ok, I haven’t blogged in a few months. To be honest, life got crazy. We have dealt with a lot and I really didn’t want to toss it all on here at the time.

We went to see GamerDad’s family and took an extended visit because a family member wasn’t doing so hot. Two days on the road back home, we found out that said family member was with the angels. It was nice being at a good friend’s house the night we got that news instead of a hotel room.

When we came home, the next day, we discovered Hunter got really depressed and refused to eat. He was a 15 pound cat and he dropped to 5 pounds. We tried for a week to fatten him up on our own before we called the vet. They took him right in and kept him for a few days. He was doing better. Once home, he became sick again. Our roman tub was marinated in the contents of his stomach. 😦 Then he lost control of his bowels. When we found him laying in it, we knew. We cried bitter tears. The vet wanted to med him up again, but we said it was time to end his suffering. Yes, we felt guilty about it at first. However, his BP was so low that they had a very hard time sticking him with the needle. When the needle went in, he purred at my husband (the kids and I were in the waiting room, I couldn’t bear to watch). We all let him after he passed (it took seconds when usually it takes longer). They cremated him and we were told to get him later on the following week. They called that Monday to pick up his ashes. I was expecting a baggie inside a simple paper box. We received a gift bag adorned with his name, a very nice carved wooden box with his ashes and name inside, a certificate to show his love, and a Rainbow Bridge poem. I lost it.

We were going to bury him out back, but we decided to plant him under a photo of our daughter whom he was very attached to. Yes, a 10 year old, crotchety, ornery, male cat was attached to our baby girl. It was because he wasn’t with her for 3 weeks that he withered away and lipidosis got him as a result.

In the midst of that was sweet daughter’s party and then we held another party for our oldest just weeks after hers. Plus, I had gotten a stash of Hatch peppers and I -had- to roast those.

Fall came and I am usually in the best of moods then, but I wasn’t. I was still carrying the pain and I wanted pie pumpkins so badly to kick off fall properly.

Last week, I finally got my hands on some pumpkins and went to town. My mood has improved quite a bit. Something so simple. Proof that being in my kitchen is therapy for me.

Hopefully, I will be on here more regularly. I have missed my readers and the blogs I have followed.

God Bless!

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Digest the title for a minute. Pecans, bacon, pumpkin bread, and French toast all rolled into one dish. YUM!

I seriously love fall. Soon as pie pumpkins were available, I grabbed 8 for me and 2 for a friend. The next day I prepped them for purée. The best method I have done in all my years making my own purée is to bake the pumpkins whole. After about 50 minutes, the stems pop right off and you can cut the pumpkins in half to cool faster. Then scoop the guts out and peel the skin off.







Save the seeds if you want. Half of mine were tossed in EVOO, smoked paprika, and sea salt. Bake at 300 for an hour, stirring often. We cannot keep our hands out of this jar!


Anyway, back to this:



1. Cook and crumble about half a pound of bacon.
2. Thickly slice your favorite pumpkin bread. I dusted my pan in cinnamon and sugar and buttered/cinnamon/sugared the top when it came out of the oven.
3. Pour 5oz finely crushed pecans into a shallow bowl, add the bacon and mix.
4. Pour in 1-2T Heavy whipping cream in another shallow dish with 2-3 eggs and a glug of vanilla (I never measure it). Beat together.
5. Heat your frying pan, spray it down too.
6. Dunk the bread in the egg mix and let it drip a bit.
7. Press it into the pecan/bacon mixture.
8. Fry it up and serve with syrup.
9. Enjoy stuffing your face with the sweet and salty goodness!


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