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Today is the feast day of Our Holy Family. Today also marks the day a lady came up to me at Mass to ridicule my family.

I was calming down our 16 month old in the foyer as we have no cry room. My husband tended to our sons ages 7&5. We sit up front because our family wants to be physically closer to Christ. There are times where the boys fidget but refer to their ages and we quickly redirect their behavior.

She told me that our family is disrespectful that no one behind us gets anything from the service and that we probably don’t either. Ok, so I guess everyone behind us was polled about our family, including our daughter’s godparents…please read that with sarcasm. She also informed me that Fr is upset by us but won’t say anything despite us seeing him quite a bit due to our roles in the parish.

I told her thanks for her concern and she pressed on saying that when her 5 kids were young they behaved well at Mass and if they were ever disrespectful they wouldn’t sit up front. When I finally took a deep swallow to calm my nerves, I told her I would speak with my family. It was then that she thanked me for bringing my family to Mass. Yes, that all left me hurt and confused.

All I could do during Mass was pray for this woman six rows behind us. After Mass we usually go to the donut fellowship in the cafeteria, but I needed to speak with my family.

This interaction with this woman had me crazy close to wanting to switch parishes. My husband immediately went to one of our deacons to talk about this. He was just as shocked that today of all days this woman brought judgement on us, let alone that it took 2 years for her to say anything. He wants to speak with Fr about it and see if an announcement can be made about all families are different etc. I appreciate that.

Our boys went right to the doors and held them open for our parishioners as they left the church. My heart melted!

Please join me in praying for this woman and all others that may be like her. Pray their hearts soften and that they gain understanding.



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Has it really been 8 years?!?! Wow! Thanks for this comfy spot on the internet, WordPress!


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Hi all, sorry I have been absent for so long. I am trying to find a new balance between home schooling, volunteering, and being a Jamberry consultant!

It has been a whirlwind this past month and a half. Christmas is fast approaching and I wanted to take the time to slow down.

No parties until January, which is both welcomed and dreaded because I do want the bookings.

In my first month I got promoted a few times and finished all three FastStart goals. Now I am working on my own goals and assisting my team.

My first house party was last weekend and it went well despite how nervous I was! Yes, I forgot to mention some stuff but I got through it!

A couple of weekends ago was the annual parish party that the organization I am president over hosts. I was worried about it because a bunch of mini disasters happened. By the time it all started I was carefree because I put it in God’s hands. What a relief that was! We had some pretty cute decorations too! Pine cone trees and yarn sheep. 🙂

Our family also survived what my hubs dubs Fake Ebola where your stomach revolts and just hates you for about a week. It took two weeks to make its rounds through the five of us.

Lil Miss is currently working on her eye teeth and some molars so sleep has been fun. 😛

Hubs has been working on applying to different jobs within the military and that piled on some more stress but we are beginning to see the end of the process and relax a bit more.

So, now y’all know why I have been gone. 🙂

Back to Jamberry: If any of you want to host in January, I am offering a free half sheet of wraps to those who book a Facebook party, plus an additional gift if your party hits $150. Please email me at jenniferkoepl@gmail.com or visit my Jamberry Page. I also have a business Facebook page, here.


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