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Imagine traveling as a family of five. Now imagine the youngest is 4 months old who LOVES to roll and scoot to get around, but forced to be still for hours on end. Now, when said child poos her diaper mid flight…things get interesting.

Thank God TSA forces all liquids to be in a plastic bag. It made grabbing the diaper cream and wipe spray a cinch! I also grabbed a diaper, changing pad, and wet bag. I got back to the dinky bathroom (I am 5’9, being tall in those things is NOT fun) and pulled down the changing table. I somehow found space enough to store all the stuff I carried back while holding Lil Miss in the other arm. I sprayed her down and realized that I forgot to grab a couple of cloth wipes. Her poor bum had to endure rough paper towels. Then I went to rub on some cream to act as a buffer and prevent a rash. The lid fell to the floor. It looked like it fell under the toilet (by the way, the changing table is perched above the toilet). I held onto her with one hand and blindly felt around the two by two foot floor with my other hand. After a minute, I found it by my foot and the door. I am sure it sounded like I was beating the walls or something. I finally got her changed and back to our seat. That change felt like 20 minutes. Does time slow down in a smaller on the inside airplane bathroom? 😉

She needed changed two other times that flight. I was not going to brave the sardine can bathroom again. The sweet lady next to me offered to hold Lil Miss’ head so I could utilize the tray table instead. That’s exactly what I did. If I could even remember the flight number, I would send a thank you to her while “tagging” the flight number. She was pretty awesome!

God Bless!!


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After CDing for 4 months now, we have had some diaper issues. Our hook and loop closure diapers were starting to lose stick power. This means Lil Miss could move half a centimeter and the waist closure would pop open and then we’d have ourselves a pee incident.

Here is the problem:


Look at all that gunk in there. It might not seem like much, but it hinders how well the diaper closes at the waist.

Now, I saw YouTube videos saying to use a fine tooth comb or a Snappi diaper tie. My MIL and I attempted the comb maneuver and got nothing but broken comb teeth. I tried to painstakingly pick at it with tweezers. Talk about hand cramps! I wasn’t going to order a Snappi. While at the store, I found a dog brush. This one:


Within a minute, this much gunk came out by brushing the hooks:


Now the hook part looks like this:


GamerDad even tested it and agrees that it sticks so much better! Forget sending them to the company to get the hooks and loops replaced! That is a real time stinker and stash stealer if you are strapped for diapes! Spend $3 and do it yourself.

Stay tuned on how to easily fix snaps for your diapers!

God Bless!

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Recently, we had one cloth diaper delaminate and another had a snap pull from the fabric shell. Both were made from gorgeous prints. I was instructed by the company to remove the diaper labels and surrounding fabric to send to them so they can mail me replacements. That left me with this:


I was saddened by it and a fellow mama suggested that I try to make a headband for my daughter. Well, I did just that. I cut the print out, removed the PUL, cut it into strips, braided two sets of three strips together and sewed the ends. Then I sewed the ends into a ring. I had four remaining strips that I twisted into a “flower.” I also sewed it snug before sewing it again to the braided circle.

Here are the results:



Best part is, soon she will have diapers that match her head band!

God bless!

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We most recently took a dive into the land of “crunchy.” It started with cloth diapers, then cloth wipes that I made myself, to homemade gripe water and diaper ointment, and lots more (dish soap and laundry soap too).

I have now started to make my own Kind and Larabars at home too as they have been my favorite nursing snack, but I do not enjoy the price tag.

Back to CDing (cloth diapering for those who don’t know). Our stash started with GoGreens. Then I did research and almost everyone said, “newborns cannot fit one size (OS) diapes.” I was determined to find OS pockets that a newborn could get into. Then I saw GlowBugs, spitting image of GoGreen, but trimmer and a 360 degree gusset to ensure you have zero leaks. Yep, bought those too. And since CDing is addictive, I found a sale on Kawaiis through another BabyCenter mama. They are targeted to fit 6lbs and up. The only thing I didn’t like when I clicked “purchase” was that they were Velcro closures (a Godsend at night!).

I packed the GlowBugs and Kawaiis in the hospital bag. Before we were discharged, baby girl was sporting butt fluff. 🙂 She fit perfectly in Kawaiis. Now she is a bit bigger and somehow thinning out in the legs, but beefing up elsewhere. This leaves a bit of a leg gap, allowing poo to leak out. Not fun when that occurs while nursing her! I am thinking I need to up her to two inserts. These were also great when she still had her umbilical stump as they didn’t rub her like the snaps of the GlowBugs.

Diaper laundry is done twice a day now, but I have been told it calms down as baby gets older. This also means roughly 20 diapes are used in a day here. You do the math for disposables. 20x7x3=420. I do not want to know how many packs of disposables that is! We spent $600 total on CDs and wet bags.

As for homeschooling, we had a longer break because the boys got sick. Thankfully, it was only them and the rest of us were spared. We are almost done with our first full week back. Our oldest is plowing through and lessons seem to be sticking more. Our youngest still does not enjoy the art portion. He loves literacy and religion though. Math is also not a favorite of his.

We have added various poster charts around the house so lessons can stick even more.

When it is all said and done, we have adjusted quite well to being a family of five with more demands all around.

God Bless!

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