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Digest the title for a minute. Pecans, bacon, pumpkin bread, and French toast all rolled into one dish. YUM!

I seriously love fall. Soon as pie pumpkins were available, I grabbed 8 for me and 2 for a friend. The next day I prepped them for purée. The best method I have done in all my years making my own purée is to bake the pumpkins whole. After about 50 minutes, the stems pop right off and you can cut the pumpkins in half to cool faster. Then scoop the guts out and peel the skin off.







Save the seeds if you want. Half of mine were tossed in EVOO, smoked paprika, and sea salt. Bake at 300 for an hour, stirring often. We cannot keep our hands out of this jar!


Anyway, back to this:



1. Cook and crumble about half a pound of bacon.
2. Thickly slice your favorite pumpkin bread. I dusted my pan in cinnamon and sugar and buttered/cinnamon/sugared the top when it came out of the oven.
3. Pour 5oz finely crushed pecans into a shallow bowl, add the bacon and mix.
4. Pour in 1-2T Heavy whipping cream in another shallow dish with 2-3 eggs and a glug of vanilla (I never measure it). Beat together.
5. Heat your frying pan, spray it down too.
6. Dunk the bread in the egg mix and let it drip a bit.
7. Press it into the pecan/bacon mixture.
8. Fry it up and serve with syrup.
9. Enjoy stuffing your face with the sweet and salty goodness!



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After two kiddos who did mushy food and gagged at textured food, we opted for BLW for this one. What is it? You simply give your baby whatever it is that you are eating in small pieces minus the usual no-nos (salt, honey, peanut butter, etc). Yes, this works with babies who have no teeth to speak of. Lil Miss will be 9mo soon and is just now getting her first tooth at the service. We have done BLW with her for about 3mo now.
She first attacked strawberries. Now she goes after watermelon, like this:


I might add that right before this she was screaming and doing a weird demon voiced “dada” call. GamerDad was freaked by her deep voice calling out to him as he did the dishes (yep, I cook, he cleans up my mess. He’s all mine, sorry ladies!). Then I saw her reach for my watermelon since I obviously was not shoving homemade fries over to her tray fast enough. The picture soon came after I gave up my sweet slice of watermelon. In minutes she looked like she was in a blood bath and the watermelon was pulverized.
Yep, she knows how to bite, chew, and swallow. Textures do not throw her off thanks to BLW. It also makes my life so much easier, no cleaning out baby food jars or trying to find a place to store them or make room in the freezer for homemade baby food. No hours wasted prepping it all because she eats what I eat. Another perk, it is called the mommy diet. You only really get to eat about half your plate because baby claims the rest. By the time you get to eat a few bites and baby has had more than you, you decide you are full. 😛

God bless!

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That is what I got from my pick up site last Friday. I know some things are hard to see. That was the basic basket at $15.

Here is the list of items I got with the prices I could find in the local circular of HEB since that is where we shop 95% of the time.

Grape tomatoes: $2.22
Apricots: $2.48
Limes: $2
Nectarines: $5.26
Romaine: $1.28
Onion: $2.36
Pineapple: $1.50
Cantaloupe: $0.98
Watermelon: 4.98
Carrots: $0.78
Daikon: $0.98
Total cost of items: $24.82

With one item with a price not readily known and the real price at our usual store already hitting close to $25, I think Bountiful Baskets is totally worth it.

Keep in mind, it isn’t just the price that I love. Why do I love BB?

1. Price
2. Quality
3. Freshness
4. Supports local farmers
5. There is always something I have never tried before. Daikon was our new thing and it was delicious grated in a salad today. It will be in stir fry at dinner.
6. Pick up sites here are by playgrounds. My kids love that part.
7. There is more than just the basic basket. We got the “lunch box” and a crate of blueberries this time around. Sure, it had extra nectarines and apricots, but I got creative and made new stuff or cut and froze the rest for future use.
8. The price is kept down because they focus on providing in season produce.

Want to know if your area has BB? Please go visit them at: Bountiful Baskets

God Bless!

*edit* Prices were re-evaluated at a store trip. I could not find a daikon, so I have no clue what they cost.
**edit**I found a Daikon for 98 cents yesterday! I adjusted this post accordingly. Roughly, I saved $10, not counting tax.

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Since I am now the mother of 3, I have kitchen mishaps more often. In an attempt to save time, I had GamerDad purchase store bought corn tortillas rather than making them myself. I happily made my green chili and chicken filling (2 breasts slow cooked with the chilies and broth that I shredded in my mixer with some sour cream and cheddar cheese). I warmed up the tortillas and started to fill and roll them. Tears…every tortilla wanted to tear instead of roll up nicely. It was then that I decided to turn it into a casserole. Six tortillas on the bottom of my baking dish topped with half the filling. Repeat and grate some extra cheese on top. Bake at 350 for 45 min or until bubbly.


It was a great success, served with a side of refried beans. My boys still need to get used to spice and they gladly welcomed a glass of milk with dinner.

Next time you have a kitchen flop, morph it into something new, you might be surprised at the result. 🙂


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**edit, I was mistaken on my size. Double checked after a lot of folks were asking how I was in an 8 when they are of a similar weight and a larger size. Oops! I believe in integrity and that I corrected this post!**
Tada! Size 10 jeans! I weighed in at 170, 5 pounds from my first goal of 165! I initially grabbed my 12s and then chucked them to the side for my 10s. When I fit in them, I kept them on. I would burn those 12s if I could!

Lil Miss and I had mother/daughter Bunco time again. This time we got to dress up:





She is sporting the Cinderella costume one of my best friends got her. It fits perfectly! Sadly, the shoes I got to go with it are far too large despite being 0-6mo.

My outfit I threw together last minute. It all spawned from my black nursing dress. Then I thought of the apron I bought a few years ago and my knee high boots. All I needed to get to pull off the witch look was the hat. Gamer Dad found it for $3! Not bad, not bad! Plus, we all get to dress up again for Trunk or Treat in a week and a half! $20 is what we spent to decorate the trunk of our SUV. 🙂

Candy can be a weakness for me, but I have found that I cannot tolerate my Halloween favorites like candy corn and mallow pumpkins. They are way too sweet and make my teeth itch. Sounds strange, but I really feel that way!

This week I also made pumpkin apple muffins with whole wheat flour, YUM! Gamer Dad helped make over 8 quarts of home made spaghetti sauce. He wanted to see if it was more cost effective than buying the jars from the store. $17 to make 8.5 quarts of sauce and I do believe a typical quart from the store is around $2. So it is only slightly less to make it yourself and there is a LOT of chopping! I think of it as calories burned with all the chopping and stirring. 🙂

God bless!

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I have pangs of wanting ice cream despite the chill in the air. We don’t have any and I hate popping a Lactaid pill every time I want something dairy other than yogurt or hard cheese. Plus, I’d rather make my own! What have I done when the craving hits?

1 frozen banana
1 6oz container coconut yogurt
1 T unsweetened, shredded coconut
1 T ground flax seed

Toss the first two ingredients in your blender, my Ninja did perfectly. Scrape it out into a bowl, top with coconut and flax. For extra fun, add cocoa into the blender.

The banana thickens the yogurt up and adds a hint of sweet with the benefit of vitamins. Yogurt fills you with protein, the coconut flakes are just for fun. Flax gives a nutty taste and gives you a fiber punch. Plus, if you are breastfeeding, you get a supply booster via the flax. Win all around I’d say!

God bless!

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In my previous zucchini post (hush, it is a craving and I have an ample supply), I mentioned that my landlords keep blessing is with fresh zucchini.


Yeah, giants like that. Yum!

I decided that since I was graciously gifted with more today, that one of them would get sliced up to accompany dinner. Earlier in the day I saw baked zucchini with Parmesan on a photo in Facebook. I did not look at the recipe, just kinda sat there and drooled at the photo. When the time to make dinner came, I came up with my own recipe.

Zucchini Cookies

1 massive zucchini or a couple normal sized ones, sliced into disks
Salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning to taste
Parmesan cheese, however much you like.

Arrange disks like so:

Yep, yellow squash in there too.

Sprinkle with seasonings:


Spoon on the cheese, less mess:


Bake at 350 for about 15 min and kick up to 375/380 for another 5-10 min. Then you get this:


Then they can all look yummy along with the rest of dinner, like this:


And then have happy kiddos, like this:


Yes, calling them zucchini cookies worked to get our 3 year old to the table and eat…and we called the pork chop chicken. He snubbed the yellow squash, but I hid the slices on the bottom of his spoon and topped that with rice as he ran around the table pretending to feed his babies. I guess the boys are just as eager to have the baby out of me as I am! 😉


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