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This weekend has been gorgeous! We took the kids to the park yesterday and I slathered us all in homemade sunscreen . Click the blue for the recipe.

20140601-071817-26297801.jpg I doubled the recipe and got slightly more than what two of these jars can fill.
Being that Lil Miss loves to shove her fingers in her mouth and that she is as pale as I am, I wanted to make sure we had a non-toxic option. It rubs in great and leaves your skin silky smooth, much needed in our arid environment! Added bonus, you need to store it in the fridge, so it goes on cool and feels amazing on those hot, summer (sprummer?) days.

I missed a few spots on myself.

20140601-072010-26410751.jpg Ow! And itchy. For some reason, sunburn always makes me itch.

Usually I just put on aloe lotion and call it good. A friend told me last time to use lavender oil too, it takes the burn out. A double punch to the burn, I will take it!

20140601-072132-26492850.jpg I put on the aloe first and then rubbed in a drop of lavender oil before bed. Here is what the same spot looked like this morning, no more red!

20140601-072225-26545604.jpg No burn or itch this morning either.

Did the sunscreen work? Well, I covered the kids and GamerDad covered himself. None of them are burned. I am either extra burnable or I missed some spots. I’d say it works!

God bless!


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Recently, we had one cloth diaper delaminate and another had a snap pull from the fabric shell. Both were made from gorgeous prints. I was instructed by the company to remove the diaper labels and surrounding fabric to send to them so they can mail me replacements. That left me with this:


I was saddened by it and a fellow mama suggested that I try to make a headband for my daughter. Well, I did just that. I cut the print out, removed the PUL, cut it into strips, braided two sets of three strips together and sewed the ends. Then I sewed the ends into a ring. I had four remaining strips that I twisted into a “flower.” I also sewed it snug before sewing it again to the braided circle.

Here are the results:



Best part is, soon she will have diapers that match her head band!

God bless!

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This weekend was packed full of fun. First off, GamerDad returned, yay! 😀
Saturday we decided to do some spontaneous fun stuff with the kiddos. The first being a Hobo fest at the local railway. To us grown ups and early birds to the event, it was rather blah. However, the boys loved climbing up to the train cars and going inside of them as well as the engines. I remained on the ground snapping photos.

The second event was a fest just for kids. There were bounce houses galore, backpack give aways, coloring books, bean planting, etc. Elmo even dropped by to our youngest’s great delight!

Despite the wicked heat, we all remained well hydrated. Hubby took my cue when it was time to be done. I over heat easily, more so when pregnant and my water was gone. I swear I hugged the A/C vents on the way home!

The boys went to nap that day and hubby and I relaxed together. Now, on and off through the day I had prodromal labor. They were very sporadic. However, as I read an amusing blog post of a male’s perspective on labor/birth to my hubby, I had timeable/take my breath away contractions. I’d read a bit and go, “oh another one.” Poor hubby was uncertain if it was the blog or me. Eventually, we worked out a cue thing. They were 3-4 min apart at that point. Once the blog was all read, we kicked into gear. I made sure I had my chargers ready to pack, shoved in a few more breast pads to my bag, texted a great friend that we’d need her to watch the boys, and texted our doula. Within all that, the boys woke up and we told them to get ready. I grabbed their blankets and such just in case…and tossed in a bag of chicken nuggets. Oh the crap that you worry about when you feel contractions!! At this point they were every 2-3 minutes.

We headed out the door and I called registration. I got transferred about three times and got the, “it has only been an hour. How about you try drinking…” I cut the nurse off, explaining that I drink no less than a gallon of water a day, that I was relaxing when the contractions started, that they were getting closer together and stronger, and that our youngest came within 55 minutes of my first contraction. She kinda hushed up her rehearsed speal after that.

FFW a bit and we are at the hospital. I get checked. Still high, posterior, and at a 1. However, my cervix is now soft, yay! I felt rather disappointed when the nurse came in with two ice waters for me. That told me right then that this was more Prodromal labor, that I’d be going home with baby girl in my belly and not my arms. I kept getting reassured that I was not stupid for coming in, but I couldn’t help but feel that way. It also felt as though my body was failing me in a way. Yes, I know it is my body prepping for the big day, but it is rather frustrating when the contractions feel very much like the real deal and nothing comes of it. We were there for two hours. Contractions were still there and remained with me until I forced myself to sleep. All my other relaxation methods failed.

Today was my 37wk appointment. Totally uneventful. I think the most exciting part was when I handed over this:


It is my thank you basket I put together for the OB staff. I have one for L&D as well, but I wanted to hand over this one today as who knows when I will go into labor, etc. It is stuffed with various teas and home made lime and blueberry pound cakes. I love my OB team and wanted them to know it! Side note, my group B Strep test was negative. Wahoo! Granted, I have never tested positive for it anyway, so no real surprise there.
Providing little miss is not born over the weekend, I go in again a week from today. It feels pointless to show up every week to pee, get weighed, get the heart beat of baby (ok, that is the best part), and my fundal height measured. I do know it all has a purpose but it feels so drab. Sure, more excitement/disappointment could be added if I opted for the cervical checks but I just want to go with the flow.

I feel prepared because her blanket is done. Now all the yarn is out of her crib. Freezer meals are prepped and muffins made for easy breakfasts. We just need her. 🙂

God Bless!

P.S. This little lady is beating her biggest brother’s record with Prodromal labor.

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Our oldest exclaimed in the car yesterday, “I can’t eat my apple anymore, my tooth hurts.” I about went bug eyed. He is approaching 6 soon and most kids we know his age have lost 2-4 teeth already. This is his first one! I asked if it was lose and he said no. I checked once we parked and it was wiggly!!!

I went to bed last night with my mind racing full of things, one of which was how to tackle the Tooth Fairy stuff. My mind settled on little bags modeled after Rosary bags I made for Treatboxes for Troops auctions.

Today I totally forgot about them until our oldest mentioned his tooth wiggles even more. I went right into the craft closet that my 34.5 week preggo belly has issues fitting in and grabbed my two fantasy/most boyish fabric I had.

I simply cut out rectangles and folded them in half, sewed the wrong sides, and made a hem for ribbon to go through.

Here is the result, cloud bag for teeth to go in and moon/sun bag for money:


How do these go on his bed or get secretly pulled out from under the pillow?



I’m opting to hang the bags as it seems more stealthy than trying to mess around under his pillow as he sleeps.

Oh, he saw me sewing the bag and recognizes that I am the helper of the Tooth Fairy. He asked why I didn’t use my sewing machine…something his father would say. 😛

Happy Sewing!

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Today I decided to pull my Singer out for the first time in two years. I heard about reusable baby wipes and even have some bamboo ones from GoGreen Diapers. I was told by some long time crunchy mamas that flannel could be used.

After digging in my craft drawers, I found three bits of flannel that I cut into rectangles.


Then I played with sewing them. Marcia (forgive me her link is not memorized, look up Verian Universe on WordPress and that is her blog) told me about seeing two rectangles together and leaving an end open for your hand to go through. I rather liked that concept.


I decided I did not like the raw edges and seamed them before joining the rectangles. Here is that result:


Yes, I did make some hubby sized ones so when it is his turn for diaper duty, he can fit his hand inside.

What do we wet them with? Take a spray bottle and fill it with water and a few drops of tea tree oil. The tea tree oil will help combat yeast. That is a concern for cloth diapering folks as well as the parents of little girls. Spray the wipe and wipe baby’s bum. Then it can all go into the same wet bag with the cloth diaper.

Yes, I plan to be a natural birthing, breast feeding, baby wearing, cloth diapering, and reusable wiping mama. I already make my own laundry and dishwasher detergent. How else can I be “crunchy?”

God Bless

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