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This weekend has been gorgeous! We took the kids to the park yesterday and I slathered us all in homemade sunscreen . Click the blue for the recipe.

20140601-071817-26297801.jpg I doubled the recipe and got slightly more than what two of these jars can fill.
Being that Lil Miss loves to shove her fingers in her mouth and that she is as pale as I am, I wanted to make sure we had a non-toxic option. It rubs in great and leaves your skin silky smooth, much needed in our arid environment! Added bonus, you need to store it in the fridge, so it goes on cool and feels amazing on those hot, summer (sprummer?) days.

I missed a few spots on myself.

20140601-072010-26410751.jpg Ow! And itchy. For some reason, sunburn always makes me itch.

Usually I just put on aloe lotion and call it good. A friend told me last time to use lavender oil too, it takes the burn out. A double punch to the burn, I will take it!

20140601-072132-26492850.jpg I put on the aloe first and then rubbed in a drop of lavender oil before bed. Here is what the same spot looked like this morning, no more red!

20140601-072225-26545604.jpg No burn or itch this morning either.

Did the sunscreen work? Well, I covered the kids and GamerDad covered himself. None of them are burned. I am either extra burnable or I missed some spots. I’d say it works!

God bless!


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