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This past weekend we headed down to San Antonio for a homeschool conference. It was small but the message was big! Many of the speakers were homeschool moms of four or more kids. Some also ran home businesses or had time to write a book (seriously?!). It was much needed for our home. GamerDad was suggesting before the conference that when we move again, we put our oldest in public school so i can have a break, he can be in a real class, etc. none of what I want or need. These speakers expressed that their desired changed, mine have too. I once wanted to get back to work. Having kids and schooling them have put me on a different path. Home with my kids is where I belong. We learn about things together.
Fr Felix was my favorite speaker and I know he resonated strongly with my husband. He is a really funny guy with a lot of energy. Prayer was his main message. We teach our children the memorization prayers but many of us fail to teach our kids how to have conversations with God. GamerDad now starts off meal prayers ad-libbing and then does the “Bless us oh God, for these thy gifts…” I love seeing that change in him.

We also took time for fun: the Riverwalk boat tour, firehouse museum, the Alamo, Sea World, the zoo, and we attended the vigil mass at The Basilica of The Little Flower. I had to pay tribute to St Therese. After all, the morning of the anatomy scan of Little Miss, only my pink roses were in bloom, giving me a heads up on what to expect.



Now we are home, our school books in the mail, and are starting the school year by writing to our first pen pal from Japan! How exciting! We are thrilled to get started!

God bless!!


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I took my ladies group to the Hummer House (click and explore) yesterday afternoon. We first thought it might not even happen because the morning had a bite to it with a chilly wind and some much needed rain. In fact, I had gotten calls asking if we were still going. I was determined to make it happen!

We got there a little ahead of our scheduled time and the slide presentation started right off. Many things were learned: 1. It takes about 7 hummers to equal 1oz. 2. A female always has two eggs that make up 20% of her weight. 3. Her skin is so tight when pregnant that you can see the eggs through her skin when you blow on her feathers. 4. Despite how hyper they appear, they are quite calm once captured. More was learned, but you’ll have to go and see for yourself!

Hummer House is known as a mega feeding station for the hummers. They have no less than 25 feeders out and plenty of pecan trees around with swarms of gnats (the protein rich food hummers love most). They call in banders to band new hummers and check the numbers on banded ones to track their journey and other data.

During the presentation, we saw a rare fellow, most likely an Allen’s Hummingbird. As a result, the banders were called in so we got to witness the whole process.

20140406-124147.jpg Allen’s Hummingbird

20140406-124405.jpgbander capturing hummers

Then we got to feel the heartbeat of a hummer. My goodness! If you thought their wings hummed, their heart seems to do it too! Finally, the real treat, holding a hummer! We all got to hold one, very briefly. See how calm they are?


It was an amazing experience! While there, they caught two older hummers, known by the number sequence on the bands. Right now, they are tracking down the 12 year old hummer. Yes, old for a hummer!

Most of the hummers this direction are black chinned humming birds. They have a black head and chin with a tiny bit of the most vibrant purple under their chins. These feathers are actually clear! Most of the vivid colors on hummingbirds are iridescent and clear.

If any of my dear readers get the chance to go to Christoval, TX, go to the Hummer House. They are open every Saturday from April-September. There are also cabins to rent so you can stay nestled up in a cabin in the pecan Forrest to watch the birds for a weekend. In a few weeks, I plan to take my boys there for a homeschool unit study.

God Bless!


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There are many times that I wonder if what I am teaching is sinking in. I am sure many school based teachers wonder the same about their desk bound students as well.

Yesterday, we were reviewing for his 3rd quarter test in religion. There were a few I was sure he was going to get wrong and he -stunned- me! He didn’t just spout the easy answers to things, but gave an explanation.

He also had CRE last night. It was one of the loaves and fish “stories”. We have gone over both a couple of times and he has heard them at Mass too. When he came home, he told me about it and was excited that he answered questions correctly. Then, he handed me his worksheet and I about cried! He was upset that he didn’t finish the last two word scrambles, but he got the questions on the front side right and the other 8 scrambles correct as well! My heart lept with joy! He IS getting it!

That meant the world to me because I get hit with a lot of “I don’t know”s when we review or have a series of questions over something we just read. To have him spout off what I have taught him (and his CRE teachers) is all the thanks I need for doing what I do.

God bless!!

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We most recently took a dive into the land of “crunchy.” It started with cloth diapers, then cloth wipes that I made myself, to homemade gripe water and diaper ointment, and lots more (dish soap and laundry soap too).

I have now started to make my own Kind and Larabars at home too as they have been my favorite nursing snack, but I do not enjoy the price tag.

Back to CDing (cloth diapering for those who don’t know). Our stash started with GoGreens. Then I did research and almost everyone said, “newborns cannot fit one size (OS) diapes.” I was determined to find OS pockets that a newborn could get into. Then I saw GlowBugs, spitting image of GoGreen, but trimmer and a 360 degree gusset to ensure you have zero leaks. Yep, bought those too. And since CDing is addictive, I found a sale on Kawaiis through another BabyCenter mama. They are targeted to fit 6lbs and up. The only thing I didn’t like when I clicked “purchase” was that they were Velcro closures (a Godsend at night!).

I packed the GlowBugs and Kawaiis in the hospital bag. Before we were discharged, baby girl was sporting butt fluff. 🙂 She fit perfectly in Kawaiis. Now she is a bit bigger and somehow thinning out in the legs, but beefing up elsewhere. This leaves a bit of a leg gap, allowing poo to leak out. Not fun when that occurs while nursing her! I am thinking I need to up her to two inserts. These were also great when she still had her umbilical stump as they didn’t rub her like the snaps of the GlowBugs.

Diaper laundry is done twice a day now, but I have been told it calms down as baby gets older. This also means roughly 20 diapes are used in a day here. You do the math for disposables. 20x7x3=420. I do not want to know how many packs of disposables that is! We spent $600 total on CDs and wet bags.

As for homeschooling, we had a longer break because the boys got sick. Thankfully, it was only them and the rest of us were spared. We are almost done with our first full week back. Our oldest is plowing through and lessons seem to be sticking more. Our youngest still does not enjoy the art portion. He loves literacy and religion though. Math is also not a favorite of his.

We have added various poster charts around the house so lessons can stick even more.

When it is all said and done, we have adjusted quite well to being a family of five with more demands all around.

God Bless!

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