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Yesterday, The Leaky B@@b posted an article on Facebook about a mother who was too embarrassed of her large bust to nurse her baby, especially in public.

Instantly, many of us well endowed ladies posted pics of our nurslings looking near suffocated at our bosoms. I happened to share one of when our latest one had just been born.

Today, I woke up to see that the image was posted by Jessica, the creator of The Leaky B@@b. Her SugarBaby had some cute quips for a 2 year old. See the post here.

Again, more women came out of the wood works showing their support because it is difficult to nurse with large tracks of land…mountains…what ever you call them. 😉 A few even were timid at first but opened up, beautiful to see!

In a culture that tends to look down the nose at NIPers (nursing in public), it was nice to see overwhelming support.

If you are a nursing mother, please, go give that page a look and follow it on Facebook.

Also, no more posting my tatas on the web. I was ok with The Leaky B@@b doing it to help even one woman, but don’t do it. Golden rule folks.



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Nursing in Public

I used to be a covered nurser. With kiddo number 3, I really just do not care. No, I do care. My breasts have a natural function now and that is to feed my daughter. It does not mean I am going to pop my entire breast out, but it’ll be there enough for my daughter to get a proper latch.

Before she was born, I was told I would get grief at church for not covering. Hasn’t happened. This past weekend I have NIPed a lot! At a parade, church, barber shop, and beauty salon while getting my hair cut (trimmed). At all these places, minus church I was either asked if I would like to be “shielded” or help with a blanket to cover. I politely declined and fed my daughter comfortably. Sure, it felt weird to nurse in a room full of male members of our Armed Forces, but a mama’s gotta do what a mama’s gotta do!

There has only been one time that I kinda covered up and that was at my husband’s outdoor re-enlistment ceremony. That was only because it was frigid that morning and I wanted my tatas warm. I just haphazardly tossed a blanket over top of my breast and not over my daughter’s head too.

Breastfeeding is not a sexual thing. It should not have to be hidden away. It is natural!

Celebrities can go around with very little clothing and get praised, yet nursing mothers who have on more clothes get ridiculed. Hmm, is it because they aren’t being used in a sexual manner that makes it so “wrong” in our society. It isn’t a “prude American” thing either. I was asked to nurse in a bathroom in Germany before. I settled for a fitting room instead.

Be brave, go NIP however you and your baby are comfortable. Mine don’t like covers and I hate trying to find my breast and peer under to ensure a proper latch.
P.S. Look up the NIPL (nursing in public league) on normalizing breastfeeding.

God bless!

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Yes, I bring you pumpkin again! This time in the form of lactation cookies that boost the supply of nursing mamas.

I simply took this recipe and put in a bag of my purée (see previous post on how to do that). One bag of 1 1/2C is about one can of the stuff you get at the store. To compensate for the moisture of the pumpkin, I added 1/2C more wheat flour and 1C more rolled oats. The extra yummies I added in are white chocolate chips and pecans. I did not measure them out, but it was probably 1/3C each. Of course, the go-to pumpkin-y spices were added too (cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves). I was tempted to toss in some ginger but decided not to.

What’s so great about these? Well, first there’s the pumpkin, duh! 😉 The best part for my readers who hate the taste of beer from the brewer’s yeast (who are you?!) will find the taste is minimized/gone completely. I was hoping for a pumpkin beer flavor but the yeast got over powered by pumpkin. FYI, 4T of the yeast was put in this batch too.

Happy Baking!

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