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17 week appointment

Today was my 17 week appointment. It was the typical weight and pee check followed by the Doppler. J had the Doppler in hand as the nurse walked in. He was eager to help hear the heart beat. Baby’s HR was 137 today. The boys’ HR never got that low. Yes, yes I am hoping for that old wives tale to be true.

The doc came in and did my fundal height. Apparently, I have been doing it wrong because he got 17cm (I got 20cm the other day). That equals 17 weeks to those not in the know.

I brought up my sciatica and that prenatal yoga is helping it. My OB was impressed that I do it.

The anatomy scan is scheduled. Those that need to know when it is know. Just know it is next month sometime. I will post how that goes once family knows.

As I type this out, I am feeling regular movement from the little one. Frequent, gentle jabs right around my pelvis. That is where the HR was found today too. I love that feeling! Though I may wince at the rougher movements in a few months, I really do love them. It is how I know the baby is ok.

God Bless!

Easter bread we made yesterday. Yep, those eggs are naturally dyed. Four of those loaves were made yesterday and our OB office enjoyed one of them today.



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