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Being that this is the last week for our oldest to be in kinder homeschool, I wanted a laid back and low key kind of day. Our youngest also worked really hard on his pre-school and I got my school work for the week completed. All that was done by 8:30am!

Lunch rolls around and I see we have tons of apples (I tend to not say no when the kids want tons of fruit). It is then that I get it in my head that dinner can be apple cake. Once the boys head to nap, I tell them that if they nap they can help me make the apple cake when they wake up and then it’ll be cooled to have for dinner. They never passed out so fast!

Fast forward an hour and a half and the boys wake up, all sleepy eyed and adorable. The five year old went and grabbed the apples from the fridge and a bag of flour without me saying a word. I started peeling the apples and coring them. The kiddos (ages 3 and 5) helped chop the apples. They held the knife and I guided their hands. Each did a beautiful job taking turns.

This is the kind of thing I remember, always helping Mom in the kitchen. My memory is full of moments like this. I love passing on that tradition to our kiddos. We even rocked out to some tunes as we baked.

I would share a recipe, but I mashed two together and the batter was not wet enough, so I added heavy cream. Shush, remember, I am pregnant. 😛

We had the apples mingle with sugar, cinnamon, and cardamom. The boys took turns again, stirring it up. They did not get chucked into the batter.

In my 9×13, I poured half the batter and then half of the apples. Then I added oats, pecans, and raisins to the apples for the top. Then ya pour on the rest of the batter and finish up with the jazzed up apples. The oats, nuts, and raisins were on a whim because it sounded good. Yes, the kiddos were constantly stealing apples out of the bowl. 🙂

45 minutes later, this beauty came out of the oven:


As it baked, I made some whipped cream from the rest of the heavy cream I had. Yep, added cinnamon and a tad of cardamom to that too. YUM!

Now, this is not something we do for dinner on a regular basis. As a kid, there were rare instances we would have ice cream or pie for dinner, just for the heck of it. I was in one of those moods today and made it happen.

Here’s a slice of heaven:


The cake is so moist and flavorful and the top has a zing with a crunch that satisfies. My mash up of recipes and my own whimsy tastes very much like my Gramma’s apple cake. I haven’t had it for years (over a decade, maybe two) and I do not have that recipe. Now I wish I had written down everything I did from each recipe. Oh well! At least the boys and I have the memory.

God bless!


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