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Yesterday was my first time to see the OB over here. It had been since September 8th that I was last checked, nearly two months! No U/S was done, something I had grown used to at our previous location. Instead, we got to hear the heartbeat and what a wonderful sound that was! My tummy also got measured for the first time, it was 27 or 37, I cannot remember :P. They (OB and someone doing their clinicals) palpatated my very basketball shaped belly. Both seemed to agree that his head was rather far down there. Yay!

Let me rewind to before we even left the house. Big Brother woke up boiling hot and very clingy. He did not want to eat, drink, or get dressed. Usually, getting dressed is an exciting thing for him. He associates it with going “bye bye”. I tried to call through to the appointment line and gave up after several attempts. The thermometer got tossed into my purse to keep track of his fever. At this point it was only 99.0, but I knew it would climb. While I waited for my appointment, I sent the guys to Peds. to see if they could walk in. It turns out they could, but it’d be a several hour wait. They turned around and came back to me instead. At least, at this point, BB ate a Nutri Grain bar and drank som diluted juice. He still was not happy and wanted only to snuggle.

After I get done, we visit L&D for a tour. Hubby and I had to take turns since lil’ kiddos are not allowed on the ward, they are “disease infested”. I was totally ok with that since I knew my son was not doing well. The delivery rooms are massive! They are about twice the size of the room I delivered BB in. They all have showers and two have tubs. Mine did not have that at all with BB. The actual rooms after delivery are smaller, but they are all private rooms, which is super nice. 🙂 The floors all have fall leaves on them as decoration and I love that. I think I will be at peace there when it comes time to deliver Little Brother. By this point, BB has refused his favorite snack and will not drink. Temp spiked up to 101.8 by then.

We hightail it down to Peds again and get put on the wait list for walk ins. After an hour of waiting, the gentleman at the front desk explains that he lost the paperwork for all the walk-ins. I shoot off to the line that started forming and land 2nd. Moms behind me throw some attitude when I go up to the counter, “Can we be seen in the order we were last time?”. Little did they know, being at the front made your paperwork be on the bottom. 😛 But, then again, after another hour of waiting and BB’s temp going to 102.6 we were told that we were never put into the system for a walk in. At this point, the Chief of Peds comes to get us and takes very great care of us. She asked if I was offered the H1N1 vaccine at my OB appointment, I was not. She was very ticked! She got the Chief of OB over and sent me right down to go get it while BB got swabbed for strep and various flus.

I was against getting the shot originally. I had the notion that the vaccine could transfer through the placenta, which it does not do at all. Once I learned that and women in their 3rd trimester are most at risk for severe complications if they catch H1N1, I was convinced that I should. Being hooked up to a ventilator for the rest of my pregnancy did not appeal to me at all. Nor did exposing my soon to be youngest boy to it. Kiddos can get the shot at our hospital on Saturday. I do not think BB will be better enough by then to get it, but we shall see. I’d feel safer if he did get it too. Hubby has not gotten it even though I had heard on ads on AFN (Armed Forces Network) that all service members are required to get both the seasonal flu and the H1N1 flu shots. But here, the H1N1 is only required for those who are deploying.

In the end, by 2pm, we are done with appointments and the Cheif of Peds gave Hubby her card so I can call her in the morning to report on John. Mind you, we had been there since about 8:30 in the morning. The last time Hubby and I ate was around 6am, so we rushed over to the DFAC at the hospital. Thank goodness they were still serving lunch! BB ended up not having strep or any sort of flu, just some really nasty bug. After a dose of Tylenol he was much better. Though, later in the evening, you could tell when it was wearing off. This morning he has been up already. I took his temp and it is hovering at about 100.0. Still not better. I am used to his fever breaking in the night. It looks like another snuggly day today. Another day where boxes sit in the garage, begging to be unpacked. That will have to wait. Snuggles are more important. 🙂



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