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Today is the feast day of Our Holy Family. Today also marks the day a lady came up to me at Mass to ridicule my family.

I was calming down our 16 month old in the foyer as we have no cry room. My husband tended to our sons ages 7&5. We sit up front because our family wants to be physically closer to Christ. There are times where the boys fidget but refer to their ages and we quickly redirect their behavior.

She told me that our family is disrespectful that no one behind us gets anything from the service and that we probably don’t either. Ok, so I guess everyone behind us was polled about our family, including our daughter’s godparents…please read that with sarcasm. She also informed me that Fr is upset by us but won’t say anything despite us seeing him quite a bit due to our roles in the parish.

I told her thanks for her concern and she pressed on saying that when her 5 kids were young they behaved well at Mass and if they were ever disrespectful they wouldn’t sit up front. When I finally took a deep swallow to calm my nerves, I told her I would speak with my family. It was then that she thanked me for bringing my family to Mass. Yes, that all left me hurt and confused.

All I could do during Mass was pray for this woman six rows behind us. After Mass we usually go to the donut fellowship in the cafeteria, but I needed to speak with my family.

This interaction with this woman had me crazy close to wanting to switch parishes. My husband immediately went to one of our deacons to talk about this. He was just as shocked that today of all days this woman brought judgement on us, let alone that it took 2 years for her to say anything. He wants to speak with Fr about it and see if an announcement can be made about all families are different etc. I appreciate that.

Our boys went right to the doors and held them open for our parishioners as they left the church. My heart melted!

Please join me in praying for this woman and all others that may be like her. Pray their hearts soften and that they gain understanding.



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Veiling has been calling to my heart for about two years now. I was intimidated by it at first because not many women in the Catholic faith veil anymore. From what I have read up on it, it faded away after Vatican II but is making a gentle come back. It honestly never should have gone away.

The day after Christmas, I ordered my veil. GamerDad asked about it and I handed him a few blogs and articles I have read on it. I sometimes stink at articulating why I want to do something. Once he read, he got it and urged me to dive on in. The urge to veil hit me hard when we visited the Carmelite Hermitage. I was the only female with an uncovered head. I felt so naked! Here I was, in the presence of Christ with my head open. Veiling is a sign of humility. It covers a part of me that can be taken in vanity. My hair can sometimes make me prideful when it decides to behave and do what I want it to. By covering it up, I ignore the squawks of my mind, “did my son just mess up my hair? I bet it looks horrid now…” Instead, my focus is on Christ, as it should be.

My veil is sitting at a carrier facility two hours from here. Instead of being annoyed by it, I improvised. Today, I used a Pashmina GamerDad got me while he was deployed.


It easily slips down when I am out of church. It did slide a couple of times at Mass, but not super distractingly so. My kiddos mostly left it alone. I did feel more focused on what was said at Mass. My mind did not wander. I felt more spiritually connected.
I did quietly note three other women wearing a shawl, scarf, or hat as a head covering. Where I once thought I was virtually alone, I saw I had more ladies than I thought participating. Any sense of intimidation was gone. Any fear of people asking me questions about it was gone. No one asked anyway. 🙂 I was prepared, just in case.

How else have I started off this new year on the right foot? I have read two religious books already, one focused on our Holy Mother and the other was about God’s love. I’m about to crack open an Alan Ames book, if you haven’t heard of him, please do a Google search and dig in. His testimony is profound! His writing is enriching!

We have also adopted a focus on The Holy Family. Remember this post? This morning I printed off several images of The Holy Family to have one in each room of the house. In this way, I hope we can fill our house with more love and keep our focus with the goal in clear sight. Here are just a few of the images I printed:

Once nap time is over, the boys will help me hang them about the house.

Happy Epiphany!

God Bless!!

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Today is the feast day of The Holy Family. The readings for Mass today focus on love, forgiveness, and obedience.
Our family was unable to attend Mass today as we are still infested with germs. However, whenever we do have Sunday’s like this, I pull out the Missal and read the scripture to the family. The readings struck several chords within because I know our family has some improving to do. We need to look to The Holy Family as role models for our own families.
They always acted out of love. They listened to God (obedience). And they forgave those who hurt them. Forgiveness comes from love and so does obedience.
Our boys had a horrid dispute over toy gold doubloons not but an hour after I read and explained the scripture. Instead of getting hot and angry, I pulled this off our mantle:


It is carved out of Olive wood from Bethlehem and it depicts the Holy Family fleeing to Egypt as today’s readings mentioned.

I showed the boys the carving and asked them how they thought The Holy Family acted. They came to the conclusion that biting and hitting (yes, that transpired today from the boys) are not actions of love. We went to the root of the problem, anger. Then we discussed how to fix that. We agreed that whenever we get angry we need to go to the carving and remember to LOVE.

Then the boys went around finding the other decorations with the Holy Family. After that, the boys did this:

Peace is now restored.

Peace and love to all of you!

God Bless!!

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