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Hi all, sorry I have been absent for so long. I am trying to find a new balance between home schooling, volunteering, and being a Jamberry consultant!

It has been a whirlwind this past month and a half. Christmas is fast approaching and I wanted to take the time to slow down.

No parties until January, which is both welcomed and dreaded because I do want the bookings.

In my first month I got promoted a few times and finished all three FastStart goals. Now I am working on my own goals and assisting my team.

My first house party was last weekend and it went well despite how nervous I was! Yes, I forgot to mention some stuff but I got through it!

A couple of weekends ago was the annual parish party that the organization I am president over hosts. I was worried about it because a bunch of mini disasters happened. By the time it all started I was carefree because I put it in God’s hands. What a relief that was! We had some pretty cute decorations too! Pine cone trees and yarn sheep. 🙂

Our family also survived what my hubs dubs Fake Ebola where your stomach revolts and just hates you for about a week. It took two weeks to make its rounds through the five of us.

Lil Miss is currently working on her eye teeth and some molars so sleep has been fun. 😛

Hubs has been working on applying to different jobs within the military and that piled on some more stress but we are beginning to see the end of the process and relax a bit more.

So, now y’all know why I have been gone. 🙂

Back to Jamberry: If any of you want to host in January, I am offering a free half sheet of wraps to those who book a Facebook party, plus an additional gift if your party hits $150. Please email me at jenniferkoepl@gmail.com or visit my Jamberry Page. I also have a business Facebook page, here.



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A couple of weeks ago I dove into a Jamberry party and asked for a free sample. Like most people, I had heard of Jamberry and kind of knew what they were. When my sample came, I tried it out and was amazed! No dry time. Instantly fabulous nails without the risk of smudging!


After a day I was shocked! No chipping or peeling. The design was intact. A few more days passed and then I saw details about becoming a consultant. I swore I wasn’t going to get roped in. I had BTDT with MaryKay and hated it. The market was too saturated with no room to grow. However, with Jamberry, it is a fairly new company and significantly fewer consultants. Also, my success does not rely on the success of the team mates I sign on. I laid it all out to GamerDad, telling him that I didn’t think I would do it. He asked questions, I got them answered and he nudged me to go for it.

Factors going for me:
1. Market isn’t saturated here. Jamberry has a high quality product.
2. I have a business degree under my belt.
3. I am more organized and driven.
4. Social media!

By day 6, I wanted to peel my shield off because my free half sheet was coming in the mail (I won it via the party games by collecting the most points). Zero nail damage! LOVE!

First full “Jamicure”:


Now my Dr Who Nail wraps are coming in as well as my StyleBox. Oh yeah, you can make custom nail wraps! Neato!

I just hosted my first party to get my consultant kit at a discount. Now I come to you asking to help bump me up to 50% off, please. Please click on Jen’s Jams and order that way.

Or, if you would like to host a party or attend my launch party on 3 November, please let me know (jlkoepl@gmail.com)! 🙂 I have samples!!


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