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Horray! It is fall! I LOVE autumn! Pumpkins kinda steal the show, at least they do at my house. A couple of years ago, I challenged myself to make all my baked goods from scratch as much as possible (no pre-made stuff from cans or boxes). Ta-da, broke my crutch of canned pumpkin! Now you can too!

Start with a standard pie pumpkin, not the huge ones you see for carving.


Then, slice the stem off, but not too deep.

Slice it in half like this:


Scoop out the “guts” and save them in a bowl for later!

Plop the halves of pumpkin cut side down on a greased cookie sheet and roast in the oven at 375* for 30-45 minutes. When you can easily stab into the pumpkin, it is ready.

Wait for it to cool a bit and scoop out the “meat” and put it in your food processor, discard the skin.


Add in water a little at a time and let your food processor do its thing. Then you’ll get this:


Store in freezer bags or small, air tight containers. I put about a cup and a half in per bag because that is about what you get from a can. That way, if a recipe calls for a can of purée, you can thaw out your bag (I leave it frozen and plop the pumpkin cube into a bowl minus the bag to thaw so none is wasted) and pour it into your recipe.

Now, here is what a real pumpkin pie looks like:


Do you see that dayglo orange?! Nope! That’s because this is as pure as you can get! No preservatives either. Isn’t that nice?! The taste will blow you away too!

Oh, back to the guts in the bowl. Put the seeds on a greased cookie sheet, salt them, and roast at 375* until golden brown. Toss the remaining guts and you are done.

Cheaper and healthier for the win! Added bonus, since you are doing more kitchen work, it is more calories burned than you cracking open a can.

God Bless!


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